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- Kyntak

Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Argument

Again, sorry I haven't been posting for a while, and I didn't end up making that fanfic, but look at this! What an unbelievable post! Actually, I found his last one interesting as well, being a female author (budding, unpublished) myself.

Jack Heath's blogs are undoubtedly interesting, and I was beginning to miss them, before I realised it was my fault I was missing them. :S So, I checked this site today and came up with two awesome blog posts. I would have loved to make a comment, but I don't have a myspace account, and I'd rather publish it here, seeing as this fansite is losing its enthusiasm.

Writers of the Future: Will they exist at all?
Of course they will; I'll make sure they do...

But anyway, this is the latest blog of Jack Heath. He analyses another person's point of view: is the profession of 'author' really going to disappear altogether? No, every writer or budding writer is hopeful that it won't - even with technology overtaking everything, with e-books and kindle leading the way, yet saving a little bit of the profit for writers themselves, though only a little. The problem is, in the future, due to popular demand and technology, writing books is liable to become a profession just like 'musiscian'. Who wants to pay the artist when you can get it for free online? Musiscians nowadays make most of their profits out of concerts, and other things like being a celebrity endorsement and making video clips for their songs. But what will authors revert to doing? They get publicity from all the free books they sell, so they don't need to go on publicity tours. What would they do, try and read their book to audiences for some sort of concert?

And how would the market be affected? If the books J.K. Rowling writes are at the same free downloading price as a new, unknown author, then what is to come? Do writers never earn their way in the world?

(You can tell I've been doing Persuasive Writing, can't you? You can tell I've been procrastinating all afternoon on my speech, right? You can tell I'm a budding author who's sad at the possible outcome of this? You can tell I've repeated this too many times? :P )