"Damn it, Six! We're following that plane, even if I have to pick you up and throw you after it!"

- Kyntak

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hit List

While we are all undoubtedly waiting for the next Agent Six of Hearts book, there will be another Jack Heath book out, at predictably August next year.
It will center around Ashley and Benjamin from Money Run. It will probably include a thief who pretends to have superpowers, who's chasing someone.

There are all the clues I've gathered. If you have another useful hint, please drop it in the comments.

Friday, December 11, 2009


In short, just look what I made. I think it's kinda funny.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


(Yes, I finally came up with something.)

If you haven't done this quiz, and you're an Agent Six or Jack Heath fan in general, do it, NOW. Because it is awesome. :D

New Content?

I'm somewhat out of ideas. I'd appreciate any new ideas you have for content I can make. Even if it's the slightest idea...

I'll end up coming up with something, but it would be easier if you helped for the moment. And what's more, you can tell me what you'd LIKE in the first place.

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All I want for Christmas is...


...Agent Six of Hearts! Bring him back, Jack Heath. PLEASE.


Hints 2


Check it out! On Jack Heath's MySpace Blog, he said : Those of you who've read Third Transmission will know why I found this hilarious: because it is.

Har, har, Jack Heath. I for one am not all that amused...

Anyway, that's a new hint. Altogether, we've come up with these hints:

1. The whole thing's a paradox.

2. Ace can bring Six back to life, according to her profile on Jack Heath's page. She saves him.

3. Kyntak gets a searing pain in his heart when Six dies and comes to save him.

4. Maybe Harry's now alive. He fulfils his duty and helps Six.

5. Parallel-World-Six comes and helps his other self.

6. It could just start in a new universe where Six didn't die and Ace and Six are together, like suggested at the end of the book. "Maybe there's a universe where Nai's not a murderer and Ace and I are together."

7. Maybe it was in Present Tense and it's all a dream, that last bit, I mean, because the last ones in Present Tense were all a dream too. (That, however would be very cheesy, Jack Heath.)

If I missed one, please tell me.

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The Alternate Ending

Emma suggested an alternate ending would be good for the end of Third Transmission. Thank you for the idea, Emma. Now, I've made an extra little part that goes on the end of Third Transmission. It's Fanfiction, of course. I hope this will suffice for those of you waiting for the next Six of Hearts Fanfiction.

This is based on the idea that Scout came up with a while ago.

Alternate Ending
The world swam quickly into dim focus. Six blinked it back. There wasn’t a single bone in his body that didn’t feel broken or sprained. With this pain, he thought belatedly, I’d rather stay asleep forever.
He wasn’t granted his wish, because at that moment, Six felt a jolt of energy shoot through his body. The sudden shock forced his eyes open.
Everything looked like it was from a nightmare. There were medical objects around where he lay. One of the instruments was pointed towards his face. Six couldn’t tell what it was for sure because he was still very dizzy with shock. He traced the blurred object with his eyes and came across a thin hand.
A strand of his depleted memory came back to him. Retuni Lerke, he thought. It must be him. And if Lerke was here, then...
Memory came back to him like lightning. He remembered Nai. He remembered the gun. He remembered dying.
Wait a minute. Dying? It was all clear in Six’s mind’s eye. The quick reflexes and steady gun hold of his murderous younger sister were as plain as day in his memory bank. How could he have survived? In fact, why were his eyes open?
Six’s vision was appearing like well-downloaded photos on the internet. The first object to become clear was the medical instrument in Lerke’s hand, then the hand itself. Seconds later the background had become visible.
Green eyes. Bright Green eyes. Lerke doesn’t have green eyes. Neither does he have long blonde hair, Six thought when he saw the real person holding the syringe.
Suddenly the whole day of his apparent ‘death’ flooded back to him. Chemal Allich. Time Machines. Tiresias. Straje Sammers. The Deck Exploding. King. Queen. Kyntak. Ace.
Ace, Six thought as he recognised the person standing before him.
Her mouth opened in noticeable shock. With trembling fingers, she dropped the medical instrument onto a table and wound up the reclining medical bed so Six was able to sit up. He squinted at the world around him.
He was on a medical bed inside King’s house. He remembered it from his childhood. But he hadn’t remembered a medical bed right in the middle of the lounge room.
Ace recovered quickly from her apparent surprise. “Good Morning. Can I safely assume you had a good rest?”
Six found his tongue.“Yeah, sure. What happened? How am I alive?”
Ace grasped her hands together to stop them shaking. “We found you in the Square just nearby.” She bit her lip before continuing. “You were wet and dishevelled, and you had a bullet wound to the chest and had been shot through the head. We didn’t find any evidence .”
“It was Nai, my younger sister,” Six commented quietly.
“Anyway,” Ace continued, “You’re alive because the remaining Deck Agents carried you to King’s house, where I was on call. We sent out distress signals and brought some other Diamonds here. It wasn’t that hard to do, actually. After removing the bullets, we.... we...”
“You grew my heart and brain back?”
She swallowed. “No. We implanted another identical heart and brain in you. We also transplanted your undamaged memories. Then we gave you a jolt of electricity.”
“What? There aren’t any other identical....” Six’s voice faded away. Ace could see he was calculating something in his brain. She didn’t really want to know what, though.
While she waited for Six to answer, Ace bit her lip again. The truth was so hard. It wasn’t fair. The sacrifice was great.
“Where’s Kyntak?” Six asked finally. His face had turned as white as a ghost.
Ace bit her lip so hard that bright red blood spilled out the side of her mouth. She pointed at Six’s chest and brain in turn. “Here.”
Six suddenly felt dizzy all over again. The world went black.

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Happy (Maybe a bit late) Halloween!

And to celebrate, I've made you all this wallpaper. :D

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Sorry, I've been busy.

But I do have some new things, even if I don't have fan fic.

Profile:Agent Ace of Diamonds
Name: It is unknown what Ace’s real name is. However, in the Deck she simply goes by Ace. It is suggested that her last name is Dante, because that was her father’s last name.
Age: 19
Qualifications: Qualified Club to Diamond rank. Best at driving in her squad. Fourth best at firearms. Very good at undercover work.
Appearance: Bright green eyes. Long blonde hair. Tall.
Personality: Clever, brave, determined, sometimes sarcastic and somewhat funny.
Notable Feats: Surviving a major bomb explosion within the Deck inside a safe with a Hearts agent. One of the agents on the Chemal Allich Time Machine case. Escaped from a heavily guarded facility via driving in a limousine. Knocked out a elite time soldier with a crowbar.

I also have some favourite quirky conversations in Third Transmission to share.

Ace and Six are driving to an undercover mission at Chemal Allich’s party.
Ace: So I spoke to King, and he filled me in on the mission.
Six: Good.
Ace: He said it was strictly recon.
Six: *nods head*
Ace: But he also reminded me that your “strictly recon” missions often wind up with me treating you for broken bones and bullet wounds.
Six: This isn’t going to be like that.
Ace: No?
Six: No. For one thing, the guests will be unsuspicious, elderly and unarmed.
Ace: That’s great, but I was more concerned about the security guards. Won’t they be suspicious, muscly and armed to the teeth?
Six: Yes.
Ace: You don’t seem worried.
Six: They won’t be looking for us. There will be plenty of high-profile ChaoSonic officials at the event. The security guards will be looking for assassins with piano wire or rebels with explosive vests, not gatecrashers with hidden Geiger counters.
Ace: In that case, why aren’t you worried about assassins with piano wire or rebels with explosive vests?
Six: Because of the security guards.
Ace: *grins* You’re not fazed at all, are you? You’re really brave, or really dumb.
Six: *shrugs* I’ve done tougher jobs than this.
Ace: That’s not good logic. You’re more likely to die in a car crash than a shark attack, but people still get eaten by sharks. Just because this mission is safer than some doesn’t mean it’s safe.
Six: I’ve been in car crashes and attacked by sharks, and I’m still standing.
Ace: I get that you’ve done scarier things than this. But how does that make this not scary? That’s like saying it doesn’t hurt to stub your toe, because you once broke your leg.
Six: People have been hunting me my whole life. You can get used to just about anything.
Ace: So you’re saying you don’t feel fear anymore? You’ve built up a tolerance?
Six: I still get an adrenaline rush when someone is shooting at me, or when I’m jumping out of a plane or something. There are still people and things that scare me. I just find it hard to maintain that shivers-up-the-spine type of terror all day every day.
Ace: *smiles* If we’re alive tomorrow, I’m going to do a psych evaluation on you, write an article about it, sell it to a medical journal and make a fortune.
Six: What’s my cut?
Ace: Hey, I’m the one with the psychology training. I’ll give you 5 per cent.
Six: I’m the one who can’t feel fear. I’ll give you five percent.


Ace: Can I ask you something?
Six: Sure.
Ace: The not-dying-of-old-age thing. How does it feel?
Six: It’s better than the alternative, I guess.
Ace: Is it?
Six: *raises eyebrow* You think I have a death wish?
Ace: No, nothing like that. I just meant... *pauses* Most people believe they’ll get old, and then die of an age related illness in a hospital somewhere. Some of them are wrong, and they fall off their motorbikes or they drink some polluted water or get stabbed by muggers. But it’s what they believe. But because of your job, you probably figured there was a 90 per cent chance you’d die on a mission, and a 10 per cent chance you’d die of old age. Am I about right?
Six: Actually, 92.3 per cent and 6.8 per cent. With a .9 percent chance of something else, like a freak accident or a serious infectious disease.
Ace: *gulps back a laugh* You actually calculated the exact percentages?
Six: *shifts uncomfortably* I was on a stake out. I wanted to keep my mind active.
Ace: *shakes head* Okay. Anyway, now that you know about the telomeres in your DNA, there is zero chance of you dying of old age, right?
Six: Right.
Ace: But it’s also infinitely improbably that you’ll live forever. You’re not immortal, you just don’t get old. So now, you can be pretty certain that you’ll die on a mission - it’s just a matter of guessing which one. *pauses* Unless there’s a freak accident or a serious infectious disease.
Six: You’re very blunt.
Ace: I’m blunt? *imitates Six’s voice*“I need you to be my date for a party because you’re pretty”.
Six: *shrugs*
Ace: I don’t bother lying to people who already like me. It’s a personality flaw, but I think I pull it off. So anyway, you know that you’re going to get shot to death or blown up someday. How does that feel?
Six: How you die isn’t as important as how you live.
Ace: No offence, but that’s incredibly cheesy.
Six: It’s still true.
Ace: Do you find yourself contemplating your mortality before every mission, wondering if it’s going to be your last?
Six: No, but I will now. Thanks a lot.
Ace: So you don’t sort out your affairs or anything?
Six: *shrugs* My affairs are sorted out. In the event of my death, all my money goes to the Deck, and all my possessions are divided evenly between Kyntak and King.
Ace: Aren’t there things you’ve never done? Things you’d like to do before you die?
Six: (Thinks- Of course there are.) I just don’t think about the things I can never have. I just don’t see the point.


This conversation is another quirky one between Kyntak and Six.

Six and Kyntak are in Kyntak’s office, just before Six is about to go on an undercover mission.
Kyntak: You on your way somewhere? * gestures at Six’s tuxedo* Who are you pretending to be?
Six: Ciull Yu.
Kyntak : Who’s that?
Six: *shrugs* Some guy.
Kyntak: Yu looks a bit like you.
Six: Actually, I don’t look much like Yu at all.
Kyntak: We’re identical twins. You do look like me.
Six: I look like me, but older. Doesn’t matter what Yu looks like.

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New Videos

Unfortunately I haven't been able to write any more fanfic, mainly because I haven't been in the groove. I'll try again, I promise you.

But in themeantime, I've found this excellent interview of Jack Heath on YouTube. There are two parts. In the second part, there's a comment that they make about Six that makes me want to flip. Anyway, here they are:

And if for some reason it isn't working, use these links:

Part 1
Part 2

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Well, I had a banner frenzy and made a few really cool Six banners. Have a look and feel free to use them.

I am back!

It doesn't actually feel like I've gone anywhere, though.

I'm trying to write more Agent Six Fanfiction. It'll be coming soon. I promise.

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Agent Six Fanfiction: Seventh Part

I've been on a roll lately. This will be the last for a few days, because I have to go somewhere

“How are we going to get there?” Kyntak asked, looking around the basement.
“Well, we can’t take a traditional agent vehicle, because then we’ll blow our cover with the Deck when they notice it’s gone.” Six tapped his lycra-covered foot on the ground, thinking. “It’s too far away to run there – we’d just use all our energy getting there.”
“I have it!” Kyntak exclaimed. “Do you still have that motorbike?”
“Yes,” Six said. “Good idea. But we’ll have to go to my house first.”
“It’s alright. Your house isn’t that far away – just east of the square.”
“Let’s go then. We haven’t got much time. ChaoSonic will be closing in on Lerke’s high rise any minute now.”
They arrived at Six’s house in a few minutes. It wasn’t really that far away, thankfully.
Six immediately unlocked the door and disarmed the lasers. They rushed upstairs. A moment later, a motorbike came crashing out of a window.
“That was cool!” Kyntak yelled as he hung on to Six, who was driving the motorbike. “I want to drive next time!”
“Of course it was cool!” Six yelled back. “Motorbikes just are. Have you heard of James Bond?”
Kyntak didn’t have time to reply, because at that moment, Six turned a squeaky left and sped along the road towards their destination.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Agent Six of Hearts Fanfiction: Sixth Part

Rejoice, for the Sixth Part is here! This is becoming really fun to write. I'll take this opportunity to remind you that these are all Jack Heath's characters. Uh, well, except for Nai's clone. But she doesn't have a name. Yet...

“Jack doesn’t know?” Kyntak asked Six the next morning.
“Of course he doesn’t. Remember, this is a secret mission.”
“Right.” The brothers walked side by side down the corridor towards Jack’s office.
Jack popped his head out of the room, cheerful as ever. Kyntak smiled back naturally, but Six’s face remained blank.
“Good Morning,” Jack said. “What can I do for you today?”
“Uh, we’re off on a field mission.” Kyntak said slowly.
“It’s a stealth mission,” Six added.
“How come I wasn’t briefed on this... ‘mission’?”
“Because,” Kyntak said promptly, “It’s secret.”
Six glared at Kyntak. “Wasn’t that the point of it being secret? To not tell any -.”
“Your secret’s safe with me,” Jack interrupted. “And I know you’re a Joker.” He looked pointedly at Kyntak. “Come in.”
“I’ve got some stealth suits in this cupboard, here,” Jack said as he strode toward the big cupboard, Six and Kyntak in tow. He opened the padlocked doors with ease. They swung open, to reveal multiple black full-body suits.
“Ah,” Kyntak commented. “Convenient. Great.” He took one of the suits and went to the change rooms. Six followed suit.
A few minutes later, they came out of the change rooms, wearing their stealth suits.
They were covered head to toe in black material which Kyntak observed was lycra: “Oh no. It’s lycra. This is meant for superman,” he had said, shaking his head. The only part of them not covered was their faces. At this, Six demanded, “Why aren’t our faces covered? That’s the main place they’ll identify us from?”
Jack had responded with, “Just you wait,” and pulled a lever on the wall inside the cupboard. The ceiling inside the cupboard came down to reveal a hidden compartment.
“Cool,” Kyntak breathed, eyes wide. On the new shelf, there were a few shiny black helmets.
“Let me introduce you to our stealth helmets. These helmets have multiple uses. Firstly, they possess a feature that allows the user to cover their faces with projected shadows at any given time and reduce the visibility any security camera has. Secondly, they have a drop down screen that works as night-vision goggles and another screen that works as a flash grenade protector. Finally, they have sensors that will observe the movements in your jaw even if you aren’t speaking loudly and transmit them to the earpiece in your partner’s headset.”
Six lifted two off the shelf. They were surprisingly lightweight. He handed one to Kyntak and donned the other one. The helmet fit snugly around his ears.
Perfect.” Kyntak’s voice came through his headset, nearly making Six jump. He hadn’t heard Kyntak’s actual voice at all.
Six fiddled with the sliding switches at his forehead curiously. His finger switched one of the controls, and a black lens came down over his eyes. The flash grenade protector. This way, I won’t be blinded by a flash grenade if they throw it at me. Useful.
“But wait, there’s more.” Jack fiddled with the cupboard again and pulled another lever. This time, the side wall popped out to reveal a miniature closet. It was long and skinny. Jack opened the lock on the door quickly. He pulled out two long black belts and gave them to Six and Kyntak, who tied them around their waists.
Each belt had a holster, which was filled with an Eagle O1779 Pistol. Six drew his Eagle and looked at it strangely. There appeared to be a big plastic rim around the mouth of the gun. Cautiously, he prodded it for a few seconds. Then he realized what it was.
“A sound muffler,” he guessed.
“Good guess, Six,” Jack replied. “It is, in fact, a muffler. I attached it myself to all the stealth pistols.”
Six re-holstered the pistol. “Thanks. We’d best be leaving now.”
Kyntak was staring at the closet in awe. Six practically had to haul him across the room, out the door. When they were outside, Six knocked Kyntak’s helmet lightly with his fist. Kyntak suddenly came to his senses.
“I didn’t know we had that much cool stuff!” he exclaimed.
Six shook his head in disbelief. “You didn’t? But you’re a Joker!”
“I know,” Kyntak replied. “Jack must’ve made it himself without me knowing. That’s unbelieveable. Well, at least he’s not treacherous.”
“You wanna bet?”

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Agent Six of Hearts Fanfiction: Fifth Part

After a nice request for it... (I rather liked this section.)

“Kyntak?” Six knocked briskly on the door to Kyntak’s office.
Six heard a sigh from inside the office, then a quick, “Come in.”
The door disarmed itself and Six walked in. Inside, Kyntak was lounging on his chair and typing quickly on the keyboard. Six didn’t get a chance to see what Kyntak was doing, because with lightning reflexes, he closed the application.
Kyntak was wearing the same pair of jeans he wore all the time, and a shirt that said, “I’m distracting you while my friend puts a sign on your back.”
Six read the T-Shirt and self-conciously felt his back.
Kyntak flashed his killer grin, but it didn’t seem to affect Six. “How are you?”
“Great, if only I hadn’t broken my arm.”
“What have you done now?”
Six sighed. Why was everyone asking him the same questions? “Let’s just say that it wasn’t broken in a normal way.”
“Right. And how did it get fixed?”
“Ace,” Six said bluntly.
Kyntak smiled cheekily and winked at Six. “Of course.”
Six looked away. “ So... the mission I went on today was a minute failure. I couldn’t find the clone, because they totally ambushed me with soldiers. We still need to find the clone of us.”
“What? The one-armed-.”
“No, not the one-armed clone,” Six interrupted. “The other clone. Nai’s twin sister.”
Kyntak stared.“Since when did Nai have a twin sister?”
“Ever since Reutini Lerke decided two superhuman bodyguards would be better than one. Fortunately, Lerke hasn’t got access to Chelsea Tridya’s ageing formula, so she has to grow up normally and he’s not going to get an instant assassin like Nai.
“I suppose she’s not a clone of us, but she’s still part of Project Falcon. The rest of the Lab are probably searching for her, seeing as they haven’t been able to get neither me, you or Nai.
“Lerke’s made her himself from Nai’s DNA, I guess. ChaoSonic doesn’t have our DNA now and wants to get it back. You see, ChaoSonic have the ageing formula. If they get that clone, they can get her DNA, and...”
“...make an entire army of us,” Kyntak finished. “What do you want me to do?”
Six looked him straight in the eyes. “Come with me. We’re the only ones who know about this besides King. We have to go back to that facility, find the clone, and take her away from ChaoSonic.”
“It’ll be guarded with ChaoSonic troops, and most probably Nai herself.” Kyntak contemplated the situation.
“But we’ll have the element of surprise,” Six contributed.
“Uh-huh.” Kyntak nodded his head. “I’ll come.”
“Great,” Six said. “I’ll meet you here at 0600 tomorrow. We’ll have to get suited up by Jack.”
“Now, don’t you go taking authority on me, Agent Six of Hearts. I could demote you.” There was a twinkle in Kyntak’s eye.
Six ignored him. “We’ll have to go to Lerke’s most recent hiding place. From the outside, it looks like a regular high-rise, but inside, the security is very tight. No-one actually lives there besides Lerke. I suppose he’ll have Nai’s clone hidden at the top level, because it’ll take us longer to get there. But then again, I was at the top level this morning and didn’t see her.”
“We’ll figure it out tomorrow. Now, go away. I have a lunch to attend.” Kyntak’s voice was tauntingly fake.
On a whim, Six decided to imitate his fake pompous attitude. “I shall, O great one.”
Kyntak dropped his fake mask and stared at Six. “I never thought you’d actually go along with that.”
Six smiled. “Neither did I.”

Monday, September 21, 2009

Agent Six of Hearts Fanfiction: Fourth Part

Easier said than done. This one's a bit short, but it's a plot twist.

Six walked out of Ace’s clinic, his arm as good as new. He took the corridor to the elevator.
The elevator was empty. What a change, Six thought dryly.
Beep. The elevator’s doors opened to a scowling King of Hearts.
“Six! I was looking for you. Where have you been hiding?”
Now it was Six’s turn to scowl back. “Hiding? I’ve been on a perilous mission to try and find the other clone they’ve made of me and Kyntak! And I broke my arm!”
King stopped scowling and looked with concern at Six. “What did you do this time?”
“I jumped off a fifteen story building and grabbed a railing,” Six said flatly.
King shook his head. “Did you find the other clone?”
“No. Turns out, it was a trap. Lerke and his soldiers were waiting for me. It was a narrow escape.”
“Well, you still need to find that clone and make sure it stays out of ChaoSonic’s hands. We don’t want them to make an entire army of super humans like you, do we?”
Six thought for a moment, then said, “I’ll ask Kyntak and see if we can go together. It’ll be easier, and much less dangerous.” With that, he turned on his heels and headed to Kyntak’s office.

Puzzle Pieces

We think we may have found a major piece of information regarding Six's...predicament. Scout commented : Heyya guys, just something I happened to pick up on; on Jack Heath's website, the character profile for Ace says "But the people you know can rest assured that if they get shot in the head, you'll be there to keep them alive and dig out the bullet without erasing any childhood memories."
Anyone else thinking something along the lines of what I'm thinking?

So Ace is supposed to come and save Six. But how? When would she have to be there?

I think Six... had his predicament... when Young Six was leaving King's house and had said goodbye to Ace. So Ace might have instinctively gone looking for him or something.(My ideas are lame. Someone have a better idea?)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Next Jack Heath Book, Hints!

Just recently, on Twitter, followjackheath tweeted:

"[Jack Heath] isn't sure what you say when a thief who pretends to have supernatural powers is hunting you. But he has a deadline to figure it out."

This suggests that the next book has someone in it being hunted by a thief who pretends to have supernatural powers.

Hints we've gathered about the new book:
1. Coming out in 2010 (Because he does one a year) and possibly August.(Because that's when the last one came out.)
2. It includes a theif who pretends to have supernatural powers.
3. It's called Hit List(at the moment) and it's centering around Ashley and Benjamin from Money Run. (We know this because it says:

William: Working on anything new at the moment?

Jack: Ashley and Benjamin’s next in-over-their-heads adventure. It’s called Hit List, but that may change.

And this was on a 'blurb it' website.)

Uh, Jack Heath, this is reminding me of Matthew Reilly's Scarecrow already. Just, whatever you do, CUT THE GUILLOTINES! (Pun Intended. :D)

Comments on Reviews


I have some comments on a review that Zoe kindly informed me of. Some very interesting comments. Click here for the review.

Alrighty, here are some quotes from both Jack Heath and the writer of this Third Transmission Review, and my comments in italics.

"...and what will come of Six’s growing closeness to gorgeous agent Ace of Diamonds?"
Thankfully, maybe something that Scout discovered.

"...and the acrimony from [Six's] sister Nai continues to haunt him."
Haunt him? Major understatement...

"...plot weaving of Third Transmission."
That was my phrase! Oh, nevermind...

"...intently feel the crushing devastation on his characters’ hearts."

"...Agent Six, already has his own fan club."
Who, me/us? :D

"Agent Six, even has his own fan club website...[This] is something that will no doubt propel Heath to write subsequent Agent Six novels."
Yes, we shall propel him. Alot. :D

"No matter how hard the lives of my readers might feel, Agent Six’s life is harder, so the comparison cheers them up.” (Jack Heath)
Life? What life? *sigh*

"I am keen to see what Jack Heath will pen next."
Not an Agent Six book, for your information. Apparently it's a sequel to Money Run.

"I, for one, am queuing for the next Six adventure.
Hurry up, Jack."
Yes, hurry up. Please.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Uncanny Relations...

PICTURE CAPTION: A supposed picture of young Shane Schofield, compared with Six. See the similarities? No? Oh well.

Why are there so many famous people that just happen to be the same height as Six??

I don't know. Maybe it was Jack Heath's master plan.

Latest One: Shane 'Scarecrow' Schofield from Matthew Reilly's Ice Station, Area 7, Scarecrow and Hell Island.

1. Schofield and Six are the same height (178 cm / 5 foot 10).
2. Schofield and Six both have black hair.
3. Schofield and Six both have blue eyes. (Please clarify. This was on the 'Eyes Debate' and I'm still kind of confused.)
4. Schofield and Six are both super cool.
5. Schofield and Six are both in action books.


6. Schofield and Six both have/had girlfriends with blonde hair.
(Key word: had...)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Realisations, Jack Heath Version.

On Jack Heath's blog, he recorded the speech he used for the grand opening of Third Transmission, at the parties in Canberra and Sydney. (Did anyone go? I didn't get to...) I found this comment...interesting. (MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS FOR THIRD TRANSMISSION!!!!)

The Lab was about was about isolation as an impediment to accomplishment, or, to put it in uni drop-out terms, how it's tough to get anything done by yourself. Remote Control was about how your actions count for more than your intentions. Third Transmission is about how life isn't characterised by happy endings, but by the journey, filled with the people you help along the way, and the people who help you.

And now I shall change it to be more relevant, with my...insights into the actual reasons. (SPOILERS FOR ALL THE AGENT SIX OF HEARTS BOOKS.)
The Lab was about was about isolation as an impediment to accomplishment, or, to put it in uni drop-out terms, how it's tough to get anything done by yourself. Basically: Six making frinds with Kyntak, and becoming friendlier with other agents (eg. Two of Hearts)and learning to work together with them to save the City and not be grumpy like he is at the beginning of the book. Remote Control was about how your actions count for more than your intentions. Six intended to save Kyntak, but was thinking about ditching him inside. Third Transmission is about how life isn't characterised by happy endings, but by the journey, filled with the people you help along the way, and the people who help you. This one will make me cry... right, so there wasn't a happy ending, but there was a big journey (going back in time and forward in time again), filled with people he helped (Young Six, Harry the Robot, Queen of Spades - Ace's Mum) and the people who helped him.( King, Kyntak, Ace, Ace, Ace...) and, shall I add, the people who hindered him... (Nai, Vanish, Reutini Lerke, Chaosonic)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Complementary Avatar and Banner

I was fiddling around with some images, and came up with this banner and avatar. Feel free to use them on any forums you have joined, etc.

Completely Complementary!

Remote Control Release in the US!

Make way Twilight, Remote Control is coming to knock you off the American Shelves!

And, why is there snow and snowboards ( that's the way I percieve it...) all over the cover??

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Book Reviews: The Ultimate Collection

So yes, I couldn't find anything to post, but suddenly came up with this. These are all interesting... the way they rephrase exactly the same comments, and manage to make them all different.

Aussie Reviews: The Lab
Gold Creek: The Lab
The Blurb: The Lab
Barnes and Noble: The Lab
Amazon: The Lab
Guys Lit Wire: The Lab

Got more good ones? Comment on this post.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hints Thread!

Okay, so Six is in a big predicament at the end of Third Transmission. Let's just say: BOOM. That can be the description of his predicament for now. But there are some hints that we hopeful Agent Six fans have come up with.

1. Doesn't Six from the future go into the time machine again and back, end up with Nai, and THEN know what she's going to do, and be more careful? Like those timesoldiers? It's probably a paradox.

2. What's with the tense-change? The last time there was a tense-change was in Remote Control when Six had a dream about the soldiers breaking and entering Kyntak's house and taking Nai. Yes, it'd already happened, but it's still a dream.

Please add, if you have some ideas. Add them in the comments and I'll put them on here.

Friday, August 7, 2009

More Agent Six Stories!

The Vial, by 'Kyntak' on Fanfiction. Net, I found was very good.

Mission Impossible by 'i am a fan of Jack heath' on Fanfiction.Net again.

The Intruder by Jayne Barlow, on Fanfiction.Net. ( This one won the fanfiction competition with 30.32% of votes)

01374 by Christie at Iblog.net.au.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Agent Six Fanfiction: Third Part

More, more! Sorry if this version of Six sounds a bit like cardboard.

Written by Tiny Tomo @ Agent Six of Hearts - The Fansite.

Six stepped into the Deck’s foyer. The other agents did what they always did: studied him, recognised him, then returned to their conversations. No-one seemed to notice his windblown hair, nor did they seem to notice the limp arm hanging from Six’s shoulder.
When he approached the receptionist’s desk, Grysat smiled up at him like always. Six ignored him, like always.
“Buzz me in.”
“Is your arm alright, Six? Should I get it seen to?”
“It is fine. Buzz me in.” Six kept his face emotionless.
Grysat didn’t budge. “I’ll call an expert to come down and take a look at it.”
“Don’t: I can take care of myself. Grysat, will you please buzz me in now?”
The receptionist sighed. He fiddled with a few keys on the keyboard of his computer. “You’re in.”
“Good.” Six turned and left, cape billowing in his wake.
Six walked into the Diamonds’ research centre and down the hall. Ace’s clinic was at the end of the hall, next to the elevator doors.
He knocked politely on the door with his good arm.
“Who is it?”
There was a scuffling of footsteps. The door opened.
Ace stood there in a casual pose. She rested a clipboard on one hip of her lab coat, holding the door back with the other.
“Come in,” she said. Six stepped through the door as Ace closed it.
“What’s wrong with you today?” Ace rested her chin on her hand as she thought.
“My arm-.”
Six was interrupted by Ace. “Don’t say anything. I like to figure things out myself.”
Ace gently picked up Six’s limp arm. “I guess I found it,” she said grimly.
“I tore it in a fall. I tried to grab a railing, but I was going too fast, and-.”
Ace interrupted again. “You fell off a building and tried to grab a railing. Six, there was a reason they invented parachutes.”
Six was getting a bit annoyed now. “I didn’t have a parachute, obviously. If I did, this would’ve been so much easier.”
There was a ripping of paper. Ace had torn off the top sheet on her clipboard and was scribbling on a new one.
“Well,” she said. “I suppose we’ll have to fix this arm, then.”

By the way, I don't own any of these characters. They're Jack Heath's characters, and great ones at that.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Third Transmission Review: The Dark Side

Why the cheesy title? You'll soon see why. As of the 29/07/09, Jack Heath has declared Third Transmission released, on his site in the news section.. So, it's finally out. Let me peel this happy-chappy mask off and review the real deal.


Under the action and thrilling sequences of the plot, Third Transmission hides a dark side.

Time Machines. Nuclear Warheads. It wasn't just these threats holding together the fine tapesty of Third Transmission.

Third Transmission includes heart-breaking decisions, full of hope, but eventually crushed. Not only does Jack Heath create a hard place to weave characters out of, he keeps them there until all hope is lost. The pure emotion following these decisions is pain, and shock.

Steel yourself for it. I'll say it again: Be very prepared. Third Transmission won't just take the world by storm, it will take over it.


I just realised I didn't actually say any spoilers, just gave hints. *pats self on back* Well done, self. I should've said ***MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS***. Oh well.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

More pictures!

I found this picture by lucasblahblah off deviantart.com. It's suppoed to be Six, although in my general opinion Six differs a bit from that sketch.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Continued: The Agent Six Fanfic.

Want to see what happens next? Well, here you go.

Written by Tiny Tomo @ Agent Six of Hearts - The Fansite.

Six’s feet plodded along the road back to The Deck. He reached out and tested his right arm with his left. It was limp.
This just doesn’t feel good, he thought. I should hurry so Ace can fix me up sooner. With that intuitive, he started jogging.
Suddenly, Six heard a gunshot. He ducked just in time to miss the bullet. Turning his head, he saw Lerke’s soldiers running after him. Damn. They were back on his trail.
Keeping his head down, he ran swiftly through the streets, dodging civilians. Six heard another bullet whizz past his head, and another. He didn’t have any weapons; he’d lost them in the fall.
Silently cursing his vulnerability, he fell back and dodged into a nearby alley. He kept running.
Six looked back again. Where did they go? he wondered.
His question was answered when a car in fifth gear started speeding up the road towards him.
ChaoSonic soldiers pointed their guns at him, leaning out the window.
Six was superhumanly fast, but he couldn’t outrun this car. Especially not with his limp arm.
He turned around and ran towards the car, dodging bullets the whole way.
Seconds before impact, he jumped into the air, soaring across the bonnet. He landed on the roof with a thunk. Flight time: 4 seconds.
He jogged off the boot and onto the ground. Slightly dazed, he kept running.
Six had already sprinted around the corner towards The Deck when he heard a crash. It must have been the car. In fifth gear, they wouldn’t have had time to break before they hit the building at the end of the alley.
Six had known it was a dead end. But there were small cracks in the walls, and he could have slipped through them to escape.
Putting the soldiers to the back of his mind, he slowed to a jog and headed back to base.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these characters, they are property of Jack Heath.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Excerpt from Third Transmission

Here we are. Let's give you another teasingly short taste.

'Kyntak, what's the ETA on the chopper?'
'Nearly there, Six,' Kyntak said. 'Three minutes.'
'Be careful,' Six said. 'They-'
Boom. He ducked instinctively. It sounded like a distant explosion, like a shell from a tank gun hitting a building. But since there were no tanks or buildings nearby, Six couldn't explain it at first.
Boom! There it was again. Louder, closer. The flurry of activity on the deck stuttered to a halt as the personnel on the Gomorrah noticed the sound and started looking for the source.
Heads turned to the sky in confusion as a third boom pounded from it.
Thunder, Six thought.
There was a thin crackling sound from below. Six looked at his feet, and saw a tiny yellowish blob of moisture on the deck. It bubbled and crackled and steamed, and then it was gone, leaving a small crater in the metal.
Another blob appeared to Six's left. Then another.
Crackle. Hiss.
'Rain!' someone shouted.
And then the commotion on the deck became full-blown panic.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Third Transmission Review

Well, I'm not going to give any spoilers away, in case you were wondering.

Third Transmission: The First Review
By Tiny Tomo @ Agent Six of Hearts - The Fansite.

9/10 stars. This book had an intricately woven plot, and it was full of suspense every step of the way. I couldn't put it down. It was a fast read, and I found myself finishing it within 24 hours.

It had scenes that made me sad, scenes that made me smile. It had scenes that made my heart beat faster. It had had scenes that finally let me click the puzzle pieces together. This book was perfect.

Well, almost. Sure, there were a few scenes that literally made my jaw drop, and a few scenes that made me want to scream at the characters. (Jack Heath, you know who this character is. :D)There were scenes at which I hid my triumphant grin.

Third Transmission is a memorable book with bits of this and that, all neatly sewn together to make an irresistable story. It had time-travel (Sci-fi), a 007 scene (Action), a touching scene (Romance), a rather crazy, scary, scene(Horror)and characters with great personalities.

These characters range from crazy suicidal religious bombers to shameless mad scientists. They range from body-stealing psychopaths to time disoriented inventers. And they range from determined superhuman agents to pitiful superhuman murderers.

I do have constructive criticism, but that will contain spoilers. I'd best not spoil it for you. I'll just say: Be prepared for this book. It gives you one giant shock. It sends your mind different ways, blown by the book's magic. Be prepared. Be very prepared. Third Transmission will take the world by storm.

I got it!

I recieved Third Transmission yesterday afternoon. And I'm already about half way through. I will make a bigger comment when I'm finished.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Third Transmission 200-word Teaser

Found this here.

Six checked his equipment one last time. He had a Parrot FRG semi-automatic pistol, loaded with 17 rubber bullets. He had three more magazines on his belt. He had a miniature cutting torch, with enough fuel for 10 minutes of flame. He had a scuba mask and a small oxygen bottle, in case he needed to sink the ship but was unable to escape. And he had a set of four small knives, suitable for throwing or close combat.

This mission sounded impossible. Search a huge ship, crowded with soldiers, for something very small. Then find it, take it, and escape, all without being spotted, in 45 – he checked his watch – make that 44 minutes.

But that was Six’s life. Less than three weeks ago he’d escaped from the jail of a body-stealing psychopath. He’d driven a tank up a flight of stairs. He’d been hammer-thrown up from a runway to intercept an airborne plane.

Impossible was nothing to Agent Six of Hearts.

Straje Sammers

So, apparently, there's a new character coming in Third Transmission. In the Third Transmission Trailer, Jack does a voice-over over a moving animation of the book. I think that he is pretending to be Sammers. Have a listen yourself, and compare it to the new character description.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coming Soon... Highly Anticipated...

Third Transmission!! On Jack Heath's blog, I found out that there's going to be a release/party in Sydney and Canberra. Well, I, unfortunately, won't be able to go.

So I'll be awaiting my bookstore to get it on their shelves.

ETA: Actually, I just found out I won a signed copy of Third Transmission for putting the trailer up on my site. Yay!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My First Agent Six Fan Fiction!

This is a quickly done-up short story, commonly known as fanfic. It could probably be used as the first chapter to something.

Written by Tiny Tomo @ Agent Six of Hearts - The Fansite.

Agent Six of Hearts looked fleetingly over the balcony at the 15-story jump to the ground. ChaoSonic soldiers were closing in. He evaded Lerke’s gaze and turned his attention to the twenty or so Eagles pointed at him.
He was going to have to take a risk. Either jump, with the very slim possibility of surviving the act, or let himself be shot. I could give myself up, Six thought, but then they would probably kill me anyway.
“Give up, boy. You have no Kyntak to save you now.” Lerke finally caught Six’s eye, staring him down as if his very glare could kill.
“I don’t need Kyntak.” Six took a deep breath and back flipped over the rails. Lerke’s soldiers fired their guns. Bullets scraped the soles of Six’s sneakers. It was, literally, a close shave.
He didn’t have time to ponder when he could get new shoes. Six fell down, headfirst.
Wind pulled at his hair and blew frost on his face. In the City, winter was even colder than normal, from sea breezes all around. Even the mighty Seawall couldn’t prevent cold air from reaching into the city.
Six closed his eyes as he silently counted the floors by steadily decreasing altitude. Fifteen, fourteen, thirteen…
He heard a shout from above. The voice was Reutini Lerke’s. To Six’s frozen, but keen ears, it sounded like he wanted them to shoot at him as he was falling.
Ten, nine…
Even more guns aimed at him. The clicking sound of bullets being slotted into Eagles reached Six’s hearing.
Seven, six, five…
Just a few more stories. A bullet singed his left shoulder. I’m travelling at 26.6 meters per second; I could grab the railing, but the act would probably break my arms.
Four, three…
Go! Six opened his eyes and saw the nearest railing. He hurriedly flipped himself the right way up and flung his arms towards the building.
A jolt fizzed through his right arm as he grabbed the rails. Six’s superhuman muscles couldn’t bear the impact and snapped without warning.
Quickly, Six thrust his left arm at the rails.
My right arm’s broken but I survived the fall. It’ll have to do until I can get back to Ace.
He hurled himself onto the balcony. Gathering his mind back from the effect of gravitational pull, he stood.
Six surveyed the area. There was a door right in front of him. He could enter the building there.
But what next? He’d be stuck inside the building, with Lerke undoubtedly coming down the stairs with his soldiers.
The ground was just three stories down. I could climb down a level, he thought. If only my arm wasn’t so useless.
Through the glass door, Six could see the Chaosonic henchmen kicking the door to the apartment.
It won’t hold them for long, he thought as they continued to bash the door. I’ll have to stick to my left arm. The menacing sound echoed throughout the room.
Six slipped quietly off the balcony, his cloak barely brushing the rails.

DISCLAIMER: These are not my characters. They are Jack Heath's characters, from the novels The Lab, Remote Control and Third Transmission.

Six's uncanny relation to Michael Jackson

Apparently, MJ's 'peak height was 5 ft 10 in ( 178 cm ).'

That's strange... I recall that was Six's height, too!

ETA: I was reading Jack Heath's blog and well, whaddya know? I see my random fact here, up as a 'fun fact'. Two comments on my fansite by famous people in one day. Woo-hoo!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Six of Hearts Comic

Well, It's not a 'comic' or a 'cartoon', but you catch my drift. Ryu_ka off Deviantart has made this excellent graphic novel on Agent Six. He entered it in the fan fic competition that Jack Heath held just a while ago.Check it out!

I was digging deeper into Jack Heath's website(s) ...

I found this wallpaper that he hadn't bothered putting on his page. Why not? It's here anyway if any of you guys want a new wallpaper. And by the way, on the file, it's called a 'Desert Eagle' which I recall is from Matthew Reilly's books. What happened to the Eagle OI779 (or something like that)?

Recognition is coming!

I got my first comment today, on the eyes debate, as well as finding that a search on google: 'agent six of hearts fansite' came up with this place!

Well, I'm psyched. I don't know about you, but I feel great about this. And now I have more motivation to keep the website going!

Six is...

There are so many fantastic words out there that describe this character. Pick just a few and write them here! (Prizes for the one who can make the longest sentence about Six, with good words)

Six is... a genetically engineered, humour-less, powerful, strong, fast, fantastic, unpredictable deck agent superhuman with the power to blow Chaosonic's mind, Evil's brain, and all the shadows off planet Earth.

Well, I may be exaggerating a little there, but hey-this is a fansite, I can say what I want! (As long as it's positive. :D )

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eyes: The Conflict

In my mind, at any rate. On Jack Heath's site, Six's eyes look like the second picture. However, Kyntak has blue eyes. Doesn't that make Six blue-eyed?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sender J. Lawson: Dog Tags

:D That's all.

Third Transmission

Blurb for Third Transmission, courtesy of jackheath.com.au:

I'll be watching you, Agent Six.

Agent Six of Hearts is back at work. He's sealed inside a torpedo, blasting towards a warship.

His mission? To steal canisters containing a weaponised strain of the SARS virus. Before ChaoSonic can use it to wipe out an uprising that is tearing the City apart.

But Six has bigger problems. Vanish is still on the loose. So is Retuni Lerke. And a scientist has designed a new weapon. One more dangerous than anything Six has ever seen. One that could wipe out him, the Deck, and anyone else who opposes ChaoSonic for good.

Six has to find the weapon, and destroy it. Because ChaoSonic can't always control their creations. He is living proof.

Coming soon.

Video Teaser Trailer:

404- Short Story about Six

(Secret, but you can have it anyway. :D )

Look here.

More Quotes/Praise about Six (or by Six)

Found on Jack Heath.com.au

"The compelling and memorable protagonist stands out even against an intricately described and disturbing city whose vividness makes the place's questionable fate a suspenseful issue in its own right for readers."
-- AS, The Bulletin.

"Every time something bad happens to me, I have this feeling that it's somehow Jack Heath's fault."
-- Six of Hearts, Deck Agent.

Quote about Six

Quote from Jack Heath.com.au:

You're Agent Six of Hearts. You're smart. Capable. Strong. Idle chit-chat and pleasantries sometimes feels like a waste of time. You believe it's what you do that makes you who you are, not what you say or think. You're burdened by many responsibilities, and this often makes you feel stressed or threatened, but against all odds, you've always overcome the challenges that life has hurled at you. Collapsing buildings, falls from great heights, violent robots - there's nothing you can't handle.

More Basics

***warning, may contain spoilers***

Name: Agent Six of Hearts
Age: 16
Family(kind-of related): Kyntak and Sevadonn, triplet brothers. Nai, younger sister. Reutini Lerke, 'father' or creator. King of Hearts, guardian.
Mission Success Rate: 99.9%
Appearance: 178 centimetres (as of 'The Lab', but he probably hasn't gotten taller.)tall. Long black coat. Body of muscle. Pale skin. White Teeth. Thin Fingers. Wears Dog Tags with Sender J. Lawson on them. Sneakers.
Agent Number: 06-4

The Basics

Let's start with a simple introduction: (by me, not copied off another site)

Six of Hearts is The Deck's strongest, fastest and most invincible agent (not to mention awesomest). The Deck is an agency working against the evil Chaosonic, who want supremacy. Since Takeover, the City has become an utter mess. It is up to Six and his team of agents to fight for justice. It's fate rests in the hands of a sixteen year old.

But Six isn't a normal sixteen year old. He was made by Reutini Lerke, a scientist who investigated the concept of a Human Genome. Six was made by Project Falcon, a project of The Lab, a division of ChaoSonic.

When The Deck starts investigating Six's origins, he stumbles between worlds, trying not to get caught by either side. He may be almost invincible, but plotters trying to overthrow The Deck have put a target on his head...

Welcome to my Agent Six of Hearts Fansite!

Welcome! I am aiming for this site to be filled with all the latest news, and pictures. I'll dig up what I can, all over the web, and post it here for you.