"Damn it, Six! We're following that plane, even if I have to pick you up and throw you after it!"

- Kyntak

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hit List : The Release!

I am feeling incredibly dumb and slow, simply because this was out ages ago, and I haven't even noticed it until now... *pouts* I've been trying really hard to write my own stories, and in doing so, forgot about this site. Again. How could I? *gasp*

But anyway, if you've been following what Jack Heath says... you would have come across more information about Hit List, Jack Heath's fifth book, second Ashley Arthur Book. It sounds about as good as they're making it out to be.

It's going to be out on the first of September and you can pre-order it. Yay! Just do this on Jack Heath's website, at the same page.

Side note:***Spoiler Warning***

More investigations - On twitter, Jack Heath tweeted: Does anybody know how fast the electromagnet in an MRI scanner spins? (It does spin, right? That's the thumping sound?) and before that, I love it when the plot lets me write cool dialogue. "We need you to solve a murder - your own." The second one was brought to my attention by Zoe, whom I thank very much for it. This suggests many things.

Firstly, Jack Heath is in the process of writing another Agent Six of Hearts book. Yes, a fourth one. Secondly, it means that if someone is saying, "We need to solve your own murder," to Six, or the main character, who is assumingly still Six, means that Six must come back alive in order to hear this. It suggests he might start looking into how *cough*Nai*cough* actually planned the killing, etc. Anyway, who else hears mission statements other than Six, in his own book series?

Thirdly, it suggests that somewhere in Six's escapades, he uses an electromagnet from an MRI scanner to spin, help him with something. This is, of course, if he is actually referring to that... but nevermind, all we can do is guess...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Argument

Again, sorry I haven't been posting for a while, and I didn't end up making that fanfic, but look at this! What an unbelievable post! Actually, I found his last one interesting as well, being a female author (budding, unpublished) myself.

Jack Heath's blogs are undoubtedly interesting, and I was beginning to miss them, before I realised it was my fault I was missing them. :S So, I checked this site today and came up with two awesome blog posts. I would have loved to make a comment, but I don't have a myspace account, and I'd rather publish it here, seeing as this fansite is losing its enthusiasm.

Writers of the Future: Will they exist at all?
Of course they will; I'll make sure they do...

But anyway, this is the latest blog of Jack Heath. He analyses another person's point of view: is the profession of 'author' really going to disappear altogether? No, every writer or budding writer is hopeful that it won't - even with technology overtaking everything, with e-books and kindle leading the way, yet saving a little bit of the profit for writers themselves, though only a little. The problem is, in the future, due to popular demand and technology, writing books is liable to become a profession just like 'musiscian'. Who wants to pay the artist when you can get it for free online? Musiscians nowadays make most of their profits out of concerts, and other things like being a celebrity endorsement and making video clips for their songs. But what will authors revert to doing? They get publicity from all the free books they sell, so they don't need to go on publicity tours. What would they do, try and read their book to audiences for some sort of concert?

And how would the market be affected? If the books J.K. Rowling writes are at the same free downloading price as a new, unknown author, then what is to come? Do writers never earn their way in the world?

(You can tell I've been doing Persuasive Writing, can't you? You can tell I've been procrastinating all afternoon on my speech, right? You can tell I'm a budding author who's sad at the possible outcome of this? You can tell I've repeated this too many times? :P )

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I can't believe it!

I've almost forgotten entirely about this site. How could I? *slaps self on head reprovingly*

So, I'll try and make up for it by writing some fanfiction. Still, anybody have an idea? Because I can tell you, mine will be a random one if I have to make it up myself.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Apparently you guys don't want me to write about something you like. Hmmm, weird.

If anyone noticed, jackheath.com.au was broken, but now it's fixed. And NOW, Jack Heath is going on a world tour. Brilliant! No posts to respond to for the next three months. :(

Haha. I like jack heath's new blog about facebook. Eat that, facebook users. Er, losers! :P

So. We're losing popularity big time here. Hopefully a movie will spruce things up.

Unfortunately, the movie of the Lab will not have:

-Mission 1
-Mission 4
-The helicopter ride at the beginning of mission 3

Nevertheless, it will have all the characters (except Ungrelor Ludden) and a whole lot of awesome Six-ness in it, e.g:

-That bit where Six runs on the ceiling
-That bit where Six kung-fu fights a robot
-That bit where Six jumps out the window of Shuji's skyscraper
-That bit where Six turns his taser into an electro-magnet
-That bit where Six and Kyntak jump off that building onto the beam of that crane
-That bit where Six and Kyntak drive off that cliff
-That bit where Six does that thing with the jeep and the landmine and the helicopter and the missile

(In some of these bits, I directly quote Jack Heath's blog.)

Are you excited? I'm excited! It's also my holidays, so I'll have a lot more time to write fanfic and spend time making this site more awesome.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taking Requests...

Be the first to post a comment and I might write about that idea!

It's because I've run out of ideas (TEMPORARILY), and I suppose that requests from you guys, the fans, will make the stories/ fanfic even more enjoyable for you guys, the fans.

I was thinking, perhaps a crossover with the six of hearts and some other story, something that you enjoy, yet I know about. (which may be a problem)

Even just ideas would be great.

I'm just rather busy at the moment and I don't really have time to sit down and come up with creative ideas, but I want to show you I'm still here, and willing as ever to write some stories.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And back to our least favourite female character EVER...

You know who it is.

Anyway, I just felt like I had to announce that I'm playing this character in a play, and she's a bully. Ha. Ha. Ha. She joins the ranks of Libby and Mill(somethingsomething) who are much less violent than her, but still bullies in their own way. I thought she would be a brilliant bully, because of the obvious, of course. Well, obvious in some ways...

So beware if I might make some fanfictions surrounding her a little bit, maybe ending up with her falling off a cliff. That would be awesome. :D

ETA: In the original post I said her name. I wasn't intending to. Oops. Let me change it...

Hmm.... Possibilities?

You've been warned.

Anyway, so on this Hey Teenager blog I found an interesting speculative (aren't they all) idea.

Thomas said, ***Contains Spoilers***
I think that he will come back, because the time travel machine has his "data" and that may be able to be used to recreate him.

I almost burst out laughing when I read that. It's not that it's funny, just that I can't believe we didn't come up with that possibility!

BTW, have you noticed the RSS feed from Jack Heath's blog on the side?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Milla Jovo-who?

Sorry, Jack Heath, but I just don't get your reasoning to have an american female actor play six of hearts. Oh, and by the way, apparently he's australian.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

More T-Shirt Designs

Look... Pretty awesome, right?

ETA: I think something screwed up. Oh well. You catch my drift.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A new piece of fanfic!

I didn't find this before, because it was a crossover. This story is a crossover between Doctor Who and the Six of Hearts Series, and I think 'I' refers to Ace. Hmmm. Interesting.

Paradox or What? by sueandkya, on Fanfiction.net.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Post... Crying?

***Triggers for Third Transmission***

So whenever anyone tells me that Third Transmission made them cry, I'm not sure how to take it. It seems insensetive to ask, "In a 24 kind of way, or a Monsters Inc. kind of way?"

If you read jack heath's blog for th 17th of February, you'd come across a whole list of things that make jack heath cry, or not cry.

Think about it. What's your answer to the question above? I'd probably say a 'Monsters Inc. kind of way', knowing that he meant sad little things.

I might have a poll on that. Note: It's a Jack Heath quote.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A new ending... Fanfiction, based on Third Transmission

*Spoilers for Third Transmission*

I was browsing the Fanfiction.net site and came up with only one Six of Hearts Fanfic on there, this one. I really like it, and a brilliant writer's credit for Lillith Skywalker. It's supposed to be a new ending to Third Transmission... based after the end of Third Transmission.

Angelic Voices, An Agent Six of Hearts Fanfic.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Fanfic

Sorry it was a bit slow in the making. Oh, and it's a Six/Ace ship story. My first crack at romance.

A terrifying jump. It was from high in the sky, almost suicidal with no chance of working. No chance of escape. No chance of living at all. There was no way they would have made it out alive.


“Quick!” Ace whispered urgently, “Turn right here!”

They turned right in quick succession to eachother, sneakers and party shoes skidding along the wooden floor simultaneously. Six looked at Ace, and noticed for the first time that she was much taller than him.

They didn’t have much more time to think of anything, other than escape. The ChaoSonic soldiers were on their tail, firing bullets at them randomly.
It was too late to be sneaky anymore. They had already broken out of the facility doors with quite a loud noise ( Six practically ran right into the door), and started running for their lives toward the exit. Ace and Six had a vague plan to make their way out in the quickest way possible… whether or not it was dangerous. They considered it more dangerous to be inside the building when their hidden bomb would blow it up in a matter of minutes.
Ace had played her way into the building by impersonating a rich lady who was attending a ChaoSonic Anniversary of Takeover. It was likely the lady wasn’t even interested in the anniversary, she was so young.
Once inside, she subtly unlocked a grate in the wall, giving a slightly disgruntled Six passageway into the hall. He had been making his way as quietly as possible through the vents, and had picked up quite an amount of dust and clogging fluff on his way.
This was the ultimate plan. Why not blow up ChaoSonic? It would be much more simple.
So, with this plan running through their thoughts and a Deck-planted-bomb in the centre of the main ChaoSonic facility, they ran.
Damn! A dead end. Ace and Six looked at each other, questioning the other briefly. In a split second, they had made their decision. However, Six was the one to voice it.
“We’re going out the window.”


The ChaoSonic guards stood there in shock, staring at the window in a mixture of awe and scrutiny. They had just seen the pair of teenagers jump out the window together. The soldiers hefted their guns and listened for instructions over the ChaoSonic radio system. It was highly unlikely they’d ever be asked to track down those two again.


Six grabbed Ace’s hand and jumped out of the window first. They were on the twentieth floor of the amazingly large ChaoSonic structure. Six doubted they could ever survive a freefall that far. He did, however have a plan.
As they fell, Ace looked at Six in horror. “How are we going to get out of this?”
Six smiled sadly, attempting the reassuring look. “Trust me.”
The wind whistled past the duo and blew their hair upwards like a massive blow drier. When they were getting close to the end of their fall, Six looked at Ace, who was falling above him. Ace was frantic, but Six was strangely calm.
“Agent Ace of Diamonds,” he said slowly, “Ace. I want you to take care of King, Kyntak, and everyone else after this is over. When ChaoSonic is destroyed, and the world is peaceful again, I want you to be there to see it. After all, you worked so hard.” He looked at Ace’s confused expression on her face and smiled calmly.
“I love you.”


Bang. Impact with the dusty concrete floor. The bodies lay in a stack out of the window. They had just made a jump from impossible heights. Suddenly, something moved.


Ace stirred, groaning. She opened her eyes slowly. It felt like she’d been hit by a truck, then mashed again by its back wheels. She rolled over to the side and gasped. She felt a searing pain in her chest and heaved for air.
Six was lying motionless on the concrete floor, eyes rolled back into his head. He should’ve been the first to wake up, Ace thought. I shouldn’t even have lived.
Then it clicked. Six had directly positioned his body under Ace’s to cushion her fall. In doing so, he had sacrificed his own life for hers. Heavy, rolling tears streamed down Ace’s dusty cheeks. She now knew what Six had been talking about. She checked for his pulse half-heartedly, knowing it was fruitless. There wasn’t a single beat left. She cried, looking at his face distraughtly. Her tears fell, wiping away the dust on his face. She held her hand to his heart.
“I love you too.”

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm going to write a Six fanfiction based on Valentine's day as soon as I can, but in the meantime, have a look at this banner.

Hit List Update

We don't have a blurb yet, but we can tell you the story includes guns, thieves, severed body parts, the largest intelligence agency in the world, and, as always, people falling from preposterous heights.

This little excerpt is from Jack Heath's Website, on the news page. The fifth book has been officially announced. It should be coming out in August.

I've made a random cover for it. This is totally my work, although I used Jack Heath's books to help me make it and I've got a picture from Money Run on the front.


Apparently this is because the publishers frequently use the same stock pictures for different novels. Anyway, look familiar?

Friday, February 12, 2010

What Would Six Do?

Jack's Heath's website recently boasted its very own page for T Shirts. These patterns are pretty awesome and cool, also relevant to thinsg we might end up talking about. I'm going to ask for one for my birthday. :D

Let me know if you've bought one.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Agent Six of Hearts: Revenge of the Fallen

ETA: I didn't know that I accidentally copied off the Transformers 2, when I wrote this. Forgive me.

This cannot be happening.
Six stared at the lifeless figure above him. It wasn’t exactly lifeless; it just didn’t have a life any more. Like a ghost, it made a swoop for Six’s head, attempting to knock him over, however futile that might have been.
“Wh-Who are you?” Six almost stammered, slightly freaked that he was talking to a ghost that he could not only see, but feel every time it brushed against him.
“We are the Fallen,” the ghost replied. “All the Fallen that left the last life because of your actions. We are here for our revenge.” The ghost split up into many different faces, some of which Six knew, some he didn’t. He saw Agent Two’s face alongside Grysat and Sevadonn, and feverently hoped he was dreaming. Someone was pulling at him, jolting him back to the present. He had no choice but to give in and leave the intriguing Fallen for another time.


Six awoke suddenly, coughing and spluttering. He sat bolt upright and cleared his breathing abruptly. He looked around and saw he was in some sort of cellar. In all the rush, he didn’t notice Retuni Lerke standing smugly before him.
When he did, he was more than ready. “Why did you make Nai think that way? How horrible of you, her only relative she trus-.”
Lerke cut Six off with a brisk, “Nai came to her own conclusion.”
In spite of being stuck in a locked underground room with a crazy scientist, Six was still irritable. In fact, it made him even more irritated to be in this situation, when he was sure he had just died only moments before. Why does this cruel world just keep bringing me back? he wondered.
“What a brilliant father you are,” he muttered sarcastically.
Lerke apparently decided to ignore the comment. Instead, he barrelled on with talk. “You should be thankful you’re alive. I used my most advanced machinery to bring you back from the dead.”
Six couldn’t help thinking, What? A scientist brought me back from the dead again? Unbelievable.
“I also took the liberty of...” Lerke paused, thinking for the right words. “Improving your DNA.”
“You changed my DNA?!” Six burst out, horrified.
“Yes, I did, though I only changed the parts that needed changing if my plan is to go ahead.”
Six surprised himself at how calm he was. “You have a plan now, do you?”
“Yes, I do. Although I might not fill you in until I am ready. For now, I have more gene-altering to do. Lay back.”
Six shivered and kept sitting up. “I don’t want you to change my DNA any more. I could become a totally different person!”
Lerke smiled thinly. “Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? To blend in?”
Six reluctantly lay back down on the bed and slept. After all, there was hardly a way to escape.


While I'm trying to figure out what to add in a blog....

...don't be bored with this cool widget I found.

Monday, January 25, 2010

New functions!

You can now find some new functions on the fansite. Down the bottom there is a 'subscribe to RSS feed', where you can subscribe to this blog and have an update often by your computer.

The new and improved Six of hearts fansite!

I am currently updating the layout of this site, so you will soon see a new version of your old favourite: Agent Six of Hearts - The Fansite.

I will make a poll on whether you like it or not.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Poll

Um, there's now a new poll! :D

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Banners, inspired by my Sims-3-ified pictures!

I had already started to make the Six banner, when I noticed that I took a picture of him while he was squinting. Ah, that sucks, I thought. Then I came up with something, that may or may not have been a real quote that Six said.

Sims-3-ified Pictures!

I made these, because I was getting pretty bored of only pictures of Six floating around the internet. So, you have them: Ace, Six, and Kyntak, Sims 3 Create-a-Sim Version.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Check out the new poll! *at the top of the page*. There's going to be one every week, hopefully. The poll will expire at the end of a week as well.

Money Run Covers...

I hadn't noticed this difference until a few days ago... LOOK CLOSELY.

Happy New Year!

Here's to a new year! 2010 will hopefully contain a few more Jack Heath-related things that I can post on here. The fan base appears to be running out of steam...

Anyway, 2010 will bring Hit List, and early this year a trailer for it.
Jack Heath should start working on the next Agent Six book this year, for its release next year... Hopefully. I, meanwhile, am becoming rather busy but I will still try to fit in some content for the site.