"Damn it, Six! We're following that plane, even if I have to pick you up and throw you after it!"

- Kyntak

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hints Thread!

Okay, so Six is in a big predicament at the end of Third Transmission. Let's just say: BOOM. That can be the description of his predicament for now. But there are some hints that we hopeful Agent Six fans have come up with.

1. Doesn't Six from the future go into the time machine again and back, end up with Nai, and THEN know what she's going to do, and be more careful? Like those timesoldiers? It's probably a paradox.

2. What's with the tense-change? The last time there was a tense-change was in Remote Control when Six had a dream about the soldiers breaking and entering Kyntak's house and taking Nai. Yes, it'd already happened, but it's still a dream.

Please add, if you have some ideas. Add them in the comments and I'll put them on here.


  1. ***Of course this will contain SPOILERS***

    Hey you're right about the tense change! It changes right in the last chapter.

    Ok these are more like solutions to the current problem.

    I thought that maybe Harry might have something to do with it - like maybe he or someone could get the data from the time machine and bring him back that way. 'Cause the Soilders were copies and the time machine blasts you into particles then re-creates you with the data:)

    Didn't someone say to Six "make sure you're in the right universe". Maybe parallel Six will come?

    It could take up in another universe where THAT didn't happen.

    Hey, btw did you ever get a reply when you sent in the reveiw/complaint? :D

  2. No...I just got a comment on the news on his website. I don't think he could reply without leaking potential spoilers.

  3. Well at least he's not saying that's the conclusion!

  4. Heyya guys, just something I happened to pick up on; on Jack Heath's website, the character profile for Ace says "But the people you know can rest assured that if they get shot in the head, you'll be there to keep them alive and dig out the bullet without erasing any childhood memories."
    Anyone else thinking something along the lines of what I'm thinking?

  5. OMG!!! *Runs to hug Scout* You're a Genius!

    Stick around, welcome to the site!

    Ever since I read the third book I've been in mantra mode: *hewillbebackhewillbebackhewillbeback*

  6. Yay! People are back!

    Scout, great idea. Do you mean the profile you get when you do the quiz?

    So... 'he' got shot in the head, and... the chest? by a certain evil person? What are we going to do about the chest wound?