"Damn it, Six! We're following that plane, even if I have to pick you up and throw you after it!"

- Kyntak

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sorry, I've been busy.

But I do have some new things, even if I don't have fan fic.

Profile:Agent Ace of Diamonds
Name: It is unknown what Ace’s real name is. However, in the Deck she simply goes by Ace. It is suggested that her last name is Dante, because that was her father’s last name.
Age: 19
Qualifications: Qualified Club to Diamond rank. Best at driving in her squad. Fourth best at firearms. Very good at undercover work.
Appearance: Bright green eyes. Long blonde hair. Tall.
Personality: Clever, brave, determined, sometimes sarcastic and somewhat funny.
Notable Feats: Surviving a major bomb explosion within the Deck inside a safe with a Hearts agent. One of the agents on the Chemal Allich Time Machine case. Escaped from a heavily guarded facility via driving in a limousine. Knocked out a elite time soldier with a crowbar.

I also have some favourite quirky conversations in Third Transmission to share.

Ace and Six are driving to an undercover mission at Chemal Allich’s party.
Ace: So I spoke to King, and he filled me in on the mission.
Six: Good.
Ace: He said it was strictly recon.
Six: *nods head*
Ace: But he also reminded me that your “strictly recon” missions often wind up with me treating you for broken bones and bullet wounds.
Six: This isn’t going to be like that.
Ace: No?
Six: No. For one thing, the guests will be unsuspicious, elderly and unarmed.
Ace: That’s great, but I was more concerned about the security guards. Won’t they be suspicious, muscly and armed to the teeth?
Six: Yes.
Ace: You don’t seem worried.
Six: They won’t be looking for us. There will be plenty of high-profile ChaoSonic officials at the event. The security guards will be looking for assassins with piano wire or rebels with explosive vests, not gatecrashers with hidden Geiger counters.
Ace: In that case, why aren’t you worried about assassins with piano wire or rebels with explosive vests?
Six: Because of the security guards.
Ace: *grins* You’re not fazed at all, are you? You’re really brave, or really dumb.
Six: *shrugs* I’ve done tougher jobs than this.
Ace: That’s not good logic. You’re more likely to die in a car crash than a shark attack, but people still get eaten by sharks. Just because this mission is safer than some doesn’t mean it’s safe.
Six: I’ve been in car crashes and attacked by sharks, and I’m still standing.
Ace: I get that you’ve done scarier things than this. But how does that make this not scary? That’s like saying it doesn’t hurt to stub your toe, because you once broke your leg.
Six: People have been hunting me my whole life. You can get used to just about anything.
Ace: So you’re saying you don’t feel fear anymore? You’ve built up a tolerance?
Six: I still get an adrenaline rush when someone is shooting at me, or when I’m jumping out of a plane or something. There are still people and things that scare me. I just find it hard to maintain that shivers-up-the-spine type of terror all day every day.
Ace: *smiles* If we’re alive tomorrow, I’m going to do a psych evaluation on you, write an article about it, sell it to a medical journal and make a fortune.
Six: What’s my cut?
Ace: Hey, I’m the one with the psychology training. I’ll give you 5 per cent.
Six: I’m the one who can’t feel fear. I’ll give you five percent.


Ace: Can I ask you something?
Six: Sure.
Ace: The not-dying-of-old-age thing. How does it feel?
Six: It’s better than the alternative, I guess.
Ace: Is it?
Six: *raises eyebrow* You think I have a death wish?
Ace: No, nothing like that. I just meant... *pauses* Most people believe they’ll get old, and then die of an age related illness in a hospital somewhere. Some of them are wrong, and they fall off their motorbikes or they drink some polluted water or get stabbed by muggers. But it’s what they believe. But because of your job, you probably figured there was a 90 per cent chance you’d die on a mission, and a 10 per cent chance you’d die of old age. Am I about right?
Six: Actually, 92.3 per cent and 6.8 per cent. With a .9 percent chance of something else, like a freak accident or a serious infectious disease.
Ace: *gulps back a laugh* You actually calculated the exact percentages?
Six: *shifts uncomfortably* I was on a stake out. I wanted to keep my mind active.
Ace: *shakes head* Okay. Anyway, now that you know about the telomeres in your DNA, there is zero chance of you dying of old age, right?
Six: Right.
Ace: But it’s also infinitely improbably that you’ll live forever. You’re not immortal, you just don’t get old. So now, you can be pretty certain that you’ll die on a mission - it’s just a matter of guessing which one. *pauses* Unless there’s a freak accident or a serious infectious disease.
Six: You’re very blunt.
Ace: I’m blunt? *imitates Six’s voice*“I need you to be my date for a party because you’re pretty”.
Six: *shrugs*
Ace: I don’t bother lying to people who already like me. It’s a personality flaw, but I think I pull it off. So anyway, you know that you’re going to get shot to death or blown up someday. How does that feel?
Six: How you die isn’t as important as how you live.
Ace: No offence, but that’s incredibly cheesy.
Six: It’s still true.
Ace: Do you find yourself contemplating your mortality before every mission, wondering if it’s going to be your last?
Six: No, but I will now. Thanks a lot.
Ace: So you don’t sort out your affairs or anything?
Six: *shrugs* My affairs are sorted out. In the event of my death, all my money goes to the Deck, and all my possessions are divided evenly between Kyntak and King.
Ace: Aren’t there things you’ve never done? Things you’d like to do before you die?
Six: (Thinks- Of course there are.) I just don’t think about the things I can never have. I just don’t see the point.


This conversation is another quirky one between Kyntak and Six.

Six and Kyntak are in Kyntak’s office, just before Six is about to go on an undercover mission.
Kyntak: You on your way somewhere? * gestures at Six’s tuxedo* Who are you pretending to be?
Six: Ciull Yu.
Kyntak : Who’s that?
Six: *shrugs* Some guy.
Kyntak: Yu looks a bit like you.
Six: Actually, I don’t look much like Yu at all.
Kyntak: We’re identical twins. You do look like me.
Six: I look like me, but older. Doesn’t matter what Yu looks like.


  1. *hits self in face*

    I only just got the Yu - You thing.

  2. My favourite scene is the kiss one......
    I have to read it five times to stop myself crying half to death every time I read Transmission Ends. It's really annoying at school.