"Damn it, Six! We're following that plane, even if I have to pick you up and throw you after it!"

- Kyntak

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Alternate Ending

Emma suggested an alternate ending would be good for the end of Third Transmission. Thank you for the idea, Emma. Now, I've made an extra little part that goes on the end of Third Transmission. It's Fanfiction, of course. I hope this will suffice for those of you waiting for the next Six of Hearts Fanfiction.

This is based on the idea that Scout came up with a while ago.

Alternate Ending
The world swam quickly into dim focus. Six blinked it back. There wasn’t a single bone in his body that didn’t feel broken or sprained. With this pain, he thought belatedly, I’d rather stay asleep forever.
He wasn’t granted his wish, because at that moment, Six felt a jolt of energy shoot through his body. The sudden shock forced his eyes open.
Everything looked like it was from a nightmare. There were medical objects around where he lay. One of the instruments was pointed towards his face. Six couldn’t tell what it was for sure because he was still very dizzy with shock. He traced the blurred object with his eyes and came across a thin hand.
A strand of his depleted memory came back to him. Retuni Lerke, he thought. It must be him. And if Lerke was here, then...
Memory came back to him like lightning. He remembered Nai. He remembered the gun. He remembered dying.
Wait a minute. Dying? It was all clear in Six’s mind’s eye. The quick reflexes and steady gun hold of his murderous younger sister were as plain as day in his memory bank. How could he have survived? In fact, why were his eyes open?
Six’s vision was appearing like well-downloaded photos on the internet. The first object to become clear was the medical instrument in Lerke’s hand, then the hand itself. Seconds later the background had become visible.
Green eyes. Bright Green eyes. Lerke doesn’t have green eyes. Neither does he have long blonde hair, Six thought when he saw the real person holding the syringe.
Suddenly the whole day of his apparent ‘death’ flooded back to him. Chemal Allich. Time Machines. Tiresias. Straje Sammers. The Deck Exploding. King. Queen. Kyntak. Ace.
Ace, Six thought as he recognised the person standing before him.
Her mouth opened in noticeable shock. With trembling fingers, she dropped the medical instrument onto a table and wound up the reclining medical bed so Six was able to sit up. He squinted at the world around him.
He was on a medical bed inside King’s house. He remembered it from his childhood. But he hadn’t remembered a medical bed right in the middle of the lounge room.
Ace recovered quickly from her apparent surprise. “Good Morning. Can I safely assume you had a good rest?”
Six found his tongue.“Yeah, sure. What happened? How am I alive?”
Ace grasped her hands together to stop them shaking. “We found you in the Square just nearby.” She bit her lip before continuing. “You were wet and dishevelled, and you had a bullet wound to the chest and had been shot through the head. We didn’t find any evidence .”
“It was Nai, my younger sister,” Six commented quietly.
“Anyway,” Ace continued, “You’re alive because the remaining Deck Agents carried you to King’s house, where I was on call. We sent out distress signals and brought some other Diamonds here. It wasn’t that hard to do, actually. After removing the bullets, we.... we...”
“You grew my heart and brain back?”
She swallowed. “No. We implanted another identical heart and brain in you. We also transplanted your undamaged memories. Then we gave you a jolt of electricity.”
“What? There aren’t any other identical....” Six’s voice faded away. Ace could see he was calculating something in his brain. She didn’t really want to know what, though.
While she waited for Six to answer, Ace bit her lip again. The truth was so hard. It wasn’t fair. The sacrifice was great.
“Where’s Kyntak?” Six asked finally. His face had turned as white as a ghost.
Ace bit her lip so hard that bright red blood spilled out the side of her mouth. She pointed at Six’s chest and brain in turn. “Here.”
Six suddenly felt dizzy all over again. The world went black.


  1. Awesome! Great Work!

    Sad, but awesome.

    Six is alive!!!

  2. Hey,

    Just Surfing the web, avoiding my assignments, and I found a Yahoo Answers Question.


    I answered :D

  3. *SPOILERS!!!*

    Thanks. I thought so too. You know what happens now? Six goes on a mission to go save Kyntak, because it turns out Kyntak wasn't that dumb just to give his brain and heart away and die. He preserved his body, so that Six could save him. Six goes on a mission to a)get revenge on Nai and b) Use HER Brain and heart and implant it in Kyntak. They still have Kyntak's memories because they didn't give them to Six.

    The biggest plan ever (take my adice, jack heath) is that, I think. Six has to go kill his younger sister in order to save his brother, who saved him when his younger sister killed him. :D

  4. Sweet!

    lol I was just looking at his blog. Check out his MITIFOTIT:


    Or, here's the picture:


    Shall we add it to the 'hints'?

  5. Cool. New Idea. What If we come up with lots of hints and then make more alternate endings and see which one makes more sense?

    I'll somewhat repost the Hints, plus this one. What do you think it means, though? That Kyntak got a jolt to the heart when Six died? Because that can't be right. Otherwise Kyntak and Six would've had jolts to the heart when Sevadonn died. Or maybe it doesn't work that way. Maybe Ace got a jolt to the heart...

  6. Something weird... The other day I asked Jack Heath's robot "Why did you kill Six?" and He said "For the lolz."


  7. lol d/w i think that program has a circuit loose. I asked it a simple question a while back "what was the title of you first book?" (simple huh?)and it (he?) said "I can think of more than one title of me first book." - Is that even proper English? "me first book".

  8. The cartoon? I'll explain it later (tomorrow) -
    but it's sorta like violating cause and effect - ah, I'll explain what I THINK it means tomorrow - too tierd to do Physics now...