"Damn it, Six! We're following that plane, even if I have to pick you up and throw you after it!"

- Kyntak

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Check out the new poll! *at the top of the page*. There's going to be one every week, hopefully. The poll will expire at the end of a week as well.


  1. Hey!

    Great idea!

    I found a quiz on The Lab - the link is in the comments I left under 'New Content?' - sorry, I'm too lazy to get it :D

    Oh, and regarding when Six was 'born' it is...(aproximately) the 18th of July!

    Hope you're having a good holiday ;)


  2. Hey... how'd you figure that out?

  3. @_@ - This is going to be a big post...

    Ok, in Remote Control Ace finds the tatoo on Crexe's body which read http://somethingsomething23June
    Then Six was like "Hey! That's today!"

    Now, you know how each chapter or 'mission' has a time? That time was 10:51:17.

    So, flicking through the next missions the time were 17:49:04, 19:22:45 and then 04:39:02.

    04:39:02 is a new day - so it is now the 24 of June.

    Skip to Third Transmission - Six says it had been 3 weeks since he escaped from Vanish...which would have been on the 24 of June.

    24 of June plus 3 weeks = 15 of July.

    When Ace asks six how old he is he say almost 17. This is the part where you sorta have to guess :P

    He said 'almost' so I figured if it was one day
    he would have said 'tomorrow'...

    So let's go with the day after which is the...17th...whoops - made a mistake...

    Ok therefore Six's Birthday is (aproximately) the 17th of July yay!

    What do you think or have a made some epic mistake? @_@

    I think 17th of July is a nice date...and it's on a Saturday this year :D I like Saturdays!

    Anyway this makes his Star Sign Cancer...which actually really suits him...but this post is big enough already :D

  4. *jaw drops* THAT WAS FANTASTIC! BRILLIANT! Phew, I'm going overboard, but anyway...

    1. Six and Kyntak escaped from Vanish on my birthday!!!! :D

    2. Six *thoretically* has the same star sign as me!!

    Whoa.... I've gotta read those books again. I've been waiting too long - need to finish the book I'm reading at the moment quickly, then the other book I got for christmas, then I think I can re-read them!

    OooOOooh! Sorry, I'm spazzing. Anyway, when I read those books again, I'll figure out your theory, and re-do it out - like, re-check it!

    You know what, I don't even think Jack Heath would've figured that he accidentally planted Six's birthday!

    Or maybe he knew it all along...

    But anyway, it's just brilliant!! :D :D

    Maybe we can make a timeline...

  5. After all my happy spazzing, I just figure out I should've just said - ZOE, YOU'RE A GENIUS!

    :D Good on you. Wait a minute. Just how long have you been poring over this?


    Also, so theoretically Six died almost on his birthday?

  6. Sorry, I just keep coming up with more Ideas...

    And if 17th of July is Six's birthday, it's Sevadonn and Kyntak's birthday too!

  7. Really?! Happy Birthday! (for the future :D)

    I have a lot of books to do with Star Signs etc and I read over them and found alot of attributes for Cancer that sound like Six (even though it's just his Sun Sign).

    1. Hard exterior protecting the soft, often sentimental inside (note the crab which is Cancer's symbol)

    2. They tend to use this shell as a refuge against life's hurts

    3. Dislike openly discussing their problems

    4. Every-ready to help those in need

    5. Able to remember a great deal of information

    6. Work hard to make money because it brings security

    Timeline...cool :D

    Genius - ah, you're too kind :)

    I've been thinking about it ever since Jack actually gave us a date to go on when Remote Control takes place and when Six mentioned his birthday it was like BINGO!

    It only took about half an hour 'cause I pretty much knew where in the books their was reference to time :D

    Yeah, Six "died" the day before his birthday.

    Yay! Now we can celebrate :D :D :D

    BTW Good work with the poll! Look how many people have voted already! HEY PEOPLE IF YOU'RE READING THIS COME AND TALK!!! WE DON'T BITE...just nibble ;)

  8. Oh, I can almost guarantee Six has the same star sign as you as the date for Cancer cuts of on the 22 of July. There are 8 days between the 15th (when Six says he's almost 17) and the 22nd of July. 8 Days is just too many to be an 'almost' more like "in just ober a week". So, congratulations! You have the same Star Sign as our hero...I'm envious :P

  9. Six's birthday is coming up on the 17th!!!

    And happy birthday for five days ago!