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Monday, July 5, 2010

Hit List : The Release!

I am feeling incredibly dumb and slow, simply because this was out ages ago, and I haven't even noticed it until now... *pouts* I've been trying really hard to write my own stories, and in doing so, forgot about this site. Again. How could I? *gasp*

But anyway, if you've been following what Jack Heath says... you would have come across more information about Hit List, Jack Heath's fifth book, second Ashley Arthur Book. It sounds about as good as they're making it out to be.

It's going to be out on the first of September and you can pre-order it. Yay! Just do this on Jack Heath's website, at the same page.

Side note:***Spoiler Warning***

More investigations - On twitter, Jack Heath tweeted: Does anybody know how fast the electromagnet in an MRI scanner spins? (It does spin, right? That's the thumping sound?) and before that, I love it when the plot lets me write cool dialogue. "We need you to solve a murder - your own." The second one was brought to my attention by Zoe, whom I thank very much for it. This suggests many things.

Firstly, Jack Heath is in the process of writing another Agent Six of Hearts book. Yes, a fourth one. Secondly, it means that if someone is saying, "We need to solve your own murder," to Six, or the main character, who is assumingly still Six, means that Six must come back alive in order to hear this. It suggests he might start looking into how *cough*Nai*cough* actually planned the killing, etc. Anyway, who else hears mission statements other than Six, in his own book series?

Thirdly, it suggests that somewhere in Six's escapades, he uses an electromagnet from an MRI scanner to spin, help him with something. This is, of course, if he is actually referring to that... but nevermind, all we can do is guess...


  1. OMG Six's birthday on the 17th (Saturday)!!!


  2. Wait a minute, in Third Transmission's acknowledgements on the last page did jack mean that Third Transmission was his last Agent 6 book or this was the book emailers were waiting for...
    And also did you mean Agent Six's birthday on the 17th????

  3. Not sure - I'll have to have a look :)

    And yeah it was on the 17th - I'll direct you to how it was worked out :D



  4. You should have a monthly/ weekly contest of guess the quote... so you put up a quote and we have to try remember who said it!