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- Kyntak

Friday, July 31, 2009

Third Transmission Review: The Dark Side

Why the cheesy title? You'll soon see why. As of the 29/07/09, Jack Heath has declared Third Transmission released, on his site in the news section.. So, it's finally out. Let me peel this happy-chappy mask off and review the real deal.


Under the action and thrilling sequences of the plot, Third Transmission hides a dark side.

Time Machines. Nuclear Warheads. It wasn't just these threats holding together the fine tapesty of Third Transmission.

Third Transmission includes heart-breaking decisions, full of hope, but eventually crushed. Not only does Jack Heath create a hard place to weave characters out of, he keeps them there until all hope is lost. The pure emotion following these decisions is pain, and shock.

Steel yourself for it. I'll say it again: Be very prepared. Third Transmission won't just take the world by storm, it will take over it.


I just realised I didn't actually say any spoilers, just gave hints. *pats self on back* Well done, self. I should've said ***MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS***. Oh well.


  1. I know! It was awesome!
    I DID NOT expect that ending.
    **no spoilers in this comment**

  2. You did mention a spoiler in that review, same one as the last one. I dunno how to point it out without being a bit hypocritical haha ...