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Friday, July 24, 2009

Third Transmission Review

Well, I'm not going to give any spoilers away, in case you were wondering.

Third Transmission: The First Review
By Tiny Tomo @ Agent Six of Hearts - The Fansite.

9/10 stars. This book had an intricately woven plot, and it was full of suspense every step of the way. I couldn't put it down. It was a fast read, and I found myself finishing it within 24 hours.

It had scenes that made me sad, scenes that made me smile. It had scenes that made my heart beat faster. It had had scenes that finally let me click the puzzle pieces together. This book was perfect.

Well, almost. Sure, there were a few scenes that literally made my jaw drop, and a few scenes that made me want to scream at the characters. (Jack Heath, you know who this character is. :D)There were scenes at which I hid my triumphant grin.

Third Transmission is a memorable book with bits of this and that, all neatly sewn together to make an irresistable story. It had time-travel (Sci-fi), a 007 scene (Action), a touching scene (Romance), a rather crazy, scary, scene(Horror)and characters with great personalities.

These characters range from crazy suicidal religious bombers to shameless mad scientists. They range from body-stealing psychopaths to time disoriented inventers. And they range from determined superhuman agents to pitiful superhuman murderers.

I do have constructive criticism, but that will contain spoilers. I'd best not spoil it for you. I'll just say: Be prepared for this book. It gives you one giant shock. It sends your mind different ways, blown by the book's magic. Be prepared. Be very prepared. Third Transmission will take the world by storm.


  1. NOOO!!!! Please, please, please, please, please give us spoilers! My friends and I can't wait the 19 days until the Sydney launch!

  2. Um... put it this way. You don't want to know. :S

  3. ok,ok... I'll post an excerpt.

  4. I've read the book too, and good review, but it did contain one spoiler...

  5. It did? Where? It went that way! :D

    *headdesk* Where's the spoiler? Actually, no... don't post it. I think I know. But I didn't mention any names...

  6. YAY! Thanks Tiny Tomo, have a virtual biscuit! *gives a virtual biscuit*

    Tom, where's the spoiler? Where where where where where where??? If you tell me, i'll give you a virtual biscuit :P

  7. *crunch* Nice Virtual Biscuit...

    If we tell you where, you still won't know. Try reviewing it again. Looking at it a LITTLE BIT harder.

  8. Sorry, I won't say what the spoiler in it was (especially not on the interwebs!), you'll just have to read the book and find out!

  9. NO!!!!! I dont think that I actually can make the whole 2 weeks and 3 days with you two teasing me with with spoilers (or lack thereof) ....grrr....
    All I know is that there's a romance scene in the book, and that Jack likes Third Transmission better than anything else he's written. He told me so :P

  10. *zips lips* :S *opens them again*

    You're counting down? Tell me when it comes out and I'll write another post about it, maybe in more detail of the things that are just bugging me... grr... *glares at ...certain characters...*

  11. Ooooo....which charater is it? Who? Who? WHO?!?!? And hec yeah, im counting down. I also counting down till the next Matthew Reilly. He left Jack West Jr. falling off a cliff!

    Chack out what I found. I love the net!It not the most accurate though-I think it runs on american time.


  12. Well, I'm not interested in the least in matthew reilly. And I'm not telling you, but I'll do my ranting and raving when it actually is released, so I don't spoil anything.

    I'm a writer too, (not published or anything though) and I know that writers don't appreciate all their hard work being spoiled. So have some respect for Jack Heath, before you go looking for spoilers.

  13. It's ok. Im a writer too, although a very bad one. I don't mean any disrespect to Jack Heath, I just really like his books :)

    And btw, I just got a copy of Third Transmission from my aunt, who works for Pan Mcmillian. And I now know how frustrated you feel!

  14. :D You see? Have you read all of it? You understand how frustrated I am? *re-glares at certain characters*

    That's cool how you got it from your family.... the inside edge...

    It's not just the spoilers I have to avoid, it's the telling to everyone else about *glares at certain characters* things on THIS fansite, in particular. Like, seriously. You've gotta be kidding me to put *glares at certain characters* that subject on THIS site.

    (I'm trying to talk in code, here. Do you understand?)

  15. Ah! Don't say anything!!!

    I have to wait till the 1st.

    All I know is that...



    Someone dies...and that was on Heath's website.

  16. On his website? Can you give me the URL for reference?

    I'm neither going to clarify or dismiss that statement. :S

  17. Certainly :)


    The quote is: "Great story, but you just had to kill my favourite character?"

  18. Yes... I know that quote. It just happens to be ME who said that. :D I sent an email/review to Jack Heath, kind of complaining, but I didn't put any of that on this site, because it contained way too many spoilers.

    One day!

  19. *SPOILERS* and we all know who my favourite character is...

    *cries again*

  20. Oh God...

    Please tell me you did not just say that!

    If it's the character I think you mean...


    But Conan Doyle killed Sherlock off and then brought him back by popular demand...

  21. Wishful thinking that will have to be our lifeline for now. If it said *SPOILERS*, why did you read it?

  22. Because the *SPOILERS* was only like one space from the spoiler!

    I will be back after I have read the book.


  23. It's not my fault! It was *certain character*'s fault, and I still don't know for sure. Jack Heath is probably just teasing us. *glares*

    *headdesk* Why, oh why?

  24. You don't know for sure!?!

    He still might come back?

    I've started reading it and it's great but I'm finding it quite depressing...I'm about 3/4 in :)

  25. Maybe you should stay off this site until you're finished Third Transmission, in order to avoid spoilers.

  26. The use of the word 'he' in that sentence is extremely... distant. But that's ok because no-one wants to state the actual fact, with a name and everything.

    :( I'm so sad. Although it could all be a very mean trick. I'm going to pretend to be a detective and look up all the hints that tell us it's not true. I will have a discussion about that when I'm sure everyone would've had at least a week to read it.

  27. Ok, I'm back...after sobbing in my room for an hour:(

    That's good! Hope for all! I have started a list of *hints* too ;)

    BTW Congrats on this website it's becoming quite big... *looks around*

  28. Well, I didn't exactly go sob in my room for an hour. I just got depressed and at the same time, thought:


    Whoa. That's Michael Jackson and *character* in the one month.


    Do you mind posting some hints once I get the *hint blog* up? You might think of some that I haven't.

  29. Yeah sure. Looking forward to it :)

  30. dB-)
    Awesome convo guys. I enjoyed reading it.
    Btw I've read the book and it's AWESOME!!

  31. Huh? You enjoyed reading our conversation or the post :D

  32. I think it was the conversation. I just re-read it today, and it's a pretty awesome conversation. !!!

  33. wow guys, im from north america, and im pretty sure third transmission wont come out for a VERY long time. after all, remote control only came out about a month ago here, so it will easily be another 3 months. not having a count down always makes waiting worse :( oh well. and now all these spoilers! ughh! (not your fault guys, i always read spoilers, even when there not marked) on a happier note, who's excited for the movie? i know i am!

  34. Hey,

    If you like you can actually get Third Transmission off Jack Heath's website - the Australian version that is.

    Heres the link :D


  35. I know it's been a while, but does anyone know where I can buy it in bookstores? I've been looking for soo long, and I've found nothing. :/ I can't afford to ship it overseas!

  36. Hey above post. Prehaps you could get in form Jack Heath's website? He has a fixed shipping rate to anywhere in the world and it's not that much. Some time he has sales as well so you could pick it up cheap AND get it signed ;)

  37. I just can'y wait to read third transmission, its killing me, espeically wiih the spoilers. Anyway does anyone know if there would be a fourth book in the series, there should! Six could discover a new continent or something, it would be awesome!