"Damn it, Six! We're following that plane, even if I have to pick you up and throw you after it!"

- Kyntak

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Agent Six of Hearts: Revenge of the Fallen

ETA: I didn't know that I accidentally copied off the Transformers 2, when I wrote this. Forgive me.

This cannot be happening.
Six stared at the lifeless figure above him. It wasn’t exactly lifeless; it just didn’t have a life any more. Like a ghost, it made a swoop for Six’s head, attempting to knock him over, however futile that might have been.
“Wh-Who are you?” Six almost stammered, slightly freaked that he was talking to a ghost that he could not only see, but feel every time it brushed against him.
“We are the Fallen,” the ghost replied. “All the Fallen that left the last life because of your actions. We are here for our revenge.” The ghost split up into many different faces, some of which Six knew, some he didn’t. He saw Agent Two’s face alongside Grysat and Sevadonn, and feverently hoped he was dreaming. Someone was pulling at him, jolting him back to the present. He had no choice but to give in and leave the intriguing Fallen for another time.


Six awoke suddenly, coughing and spluttering. He sat bolt upright and cleared his breathing abruptly. He looked around and saw he was in some sort of cellar. In all the rush, he didn’t notice Retuni Lerke standing smugly before him.
When he did, he was more than ready. “Why did you make Nai think that way? How horrible of you, her only relative she trus-.”
Lerke cut Six off with a brisk, “Nai came to her own conclusion.”
In spite of being stuck in a locked underground room with a crazy scientist, Six was still irritable. In fact, it made him even more irritated to be in this situation, when he was sure he had just died only moments before. Why does this cruel world just keep bringing me back? he wondered.
“What a brilliant father you are,” he muttered sarcastically.
Lerke apparently decided to ignore the comment. Instead, he barrelled on with talk. “You should be thankful you’re alive. I used my most advanced machinery to bring you back from the dead.”
Six couldn’t help thinking, What? A scientist brought me back from the dead again? Unbelievable.
“I also took the liberty of...” Lerke paused, thinking for the right words. “Improving your DNA.”
“You changed my DNA?!” Six burst out, horrified.
“Yes, I did, though I only changed the parts that needed changing if my plan is to go ahead.”
Six surprised himself at how calm he was. “You have a plan now, do you?”
“Yes, I do. Although I might not fill you in until I am ready. For now, I have more gene-altering to do. Lay back.”
Six shivered and kept sitting up. “I don’t want you to change my DNA any more. I could become a totally different person!”
Lerke smiled thinly. “Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? To blend in?”
Six reluctantly lay back down on the bed and slept. After all, there was hardly a way to escape.



  1. lol That was the first thing I thought of when i saw this..transformers?

    Don't change him! Especially his personality! ...I like Six the way he is... :(

  2. Yeah, well, ooops. Maybe I should write something different. I'll write a whole lot of one offs, and if you really like it, just tell me.

    Oh, who says I'm going to change HIM?