"Damn it, Six! We're following that plane, even if I have to pick you up and throw you after it!"

- Kyntak

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Fanfic

Sorry it was a bit slow in the making. Oh, and it's a Six/Ace ship story. My first crack at romance.

A terrifying jump. It was from high in the sky, almost suicidal with no chance of working. No chance of escape. No chance of living at all. There was no way they would have made it out alive.


“Quick!” Ace whispered urgently, “Turn right here!”

They turned right in quick succession to eachother, sneakers and party shoes skidding along the wooden floor simultaneously. Six looked at Ace, and noticed for the first time that she was much taller than him.

They didn’t have much more time to think of anything, other than escape. The ChaoSonic soldiers were on their tail, firing bullets at them randomly.
It was too late to be sneaky anymore. They had already broken out of the facility doors with quite a loud noise ( Six practically ran right into the door), and started running for their lives toward the exit. Ace and Six had a vague plan to make their way out in the quickest way possible… whether or not it was dangerous. They considered it more dangerous to be inside the building when their hidden bomb would blow it up in a matter of minutes.
Ace had played her way into the building by impersonating a rich lady who was attending a ChaoSonic Anniversary of Takeover. It was likely the lady wasn’t even interested in the anniversary, she was so young.
Once inside, she subtly unlocked a grate in the wall, giving a slightly disgruntled Six passageway into the hall. He had been making his way as quietly as possible through the vents, and had picked up quite an amount of dust and clogging fluff on his way.
This was the ultimate plan. Why not blow up ChaoSonic? It would be much more simple.
So, with this plan running through their thoughts and a Deck-planted-bomb in the centre of the main ChaoSonic facility, they ran.
Damn! A dead end. Ace and Six looked at each other, questioning the other briefly. In a split second, they had made their decision. However, Six was the one to voice it.
“We’re going out the window.”


The ChaoSonic guards stood there in shock, staring at the window in a mixture of awe and scrutiny. They had just seen the pair of teenagers jump out the window together. The soldiers hefted their guns and listened for instructions over the ChaoSonic radio system. It was highly unlikely they’d ever be asked to track down those two again.


Six grabbed Ace’s hand and jumped out of the window first. They were on the twentieth floor of the amazingly large ChaoSonic structure. Six doubted they could ever survive a freefall that far. He did, however have a plan.
As they fell, Ace looked at Six in horror. “How are we going to get out of this?”
Six smiled sadly, attempting the reassuring look. “Trust me.”
The wind whistled past the duo and blew their hair upwards like a massive blow drier. When they were getting close to the end of their fall, Six looked at Ace, who was falling above him. Ace was frantic, but Six was strangely calm.
“Agent Ace of Diamonds,” he said slowly, “Ace. I want you to take care of King, Kyntak, and everyone else after this is over. When ChaoSonic is destroyed, and the world is peaceful again, I want you to be there to see it. After all, you worked so hard.” He looked at Ace’s confused expression on her face and smiled calmly.
“I love you.”


Bang. Impact with the dusty concrete floor. The bodies lay in a stack out of the window. They had just made a jump from impossible heights. Suddenly, something moved.


Ace stirred, groaning. She opened her eyes slowly. It felt like she’d been hit by a truck, then mashed again by its back wheels. She rolled over to the side and gasped. She felt a searing pain in her chest and heaved for air.
Six was lying motionless on the concrete floor, eyes rolled back into his head. He should’ve been the first to wake up, Ace thought. I shouldn’t even have lived.
Then it clicked. Six had directly positioned his body under Ace’s to cushion her fall. In doing so, he had sacrificed his own life for hers. Heavy, rolling tears streamed down Ace’s dusty cheeks. She now knew what Six had been talking about. She checked for his pulse half-heartedly, knowing it was fruitless. There wasn’t a single beat left. She cried, looking at his face distraughtly. Her tears fell, wiping away the dust on his face. She held her hand to his heart.
“I love you too.”

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