"Damn it, Six! We're following that plane, even if I have to pick you up and throw you after it!"

- Kyntak

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Agent Six Fanfiction: Seventh Part

I've been on a roll lately. This will be the last for a few days, because I have to go somewhere

“How are we going to get there?” Kyntak asked, looking around the basement.
“Well, we can’t take a traditional agent vehicle, because then we’ll blow our cover with the Deck when they notice it’s gone.” Six tapped his lycra-covered foot on the ground, thinking. “It’s too far away to run there – we’d just use all our energy getting there.”
“I have it!” Kyntak exclaimed. “Do you still have that motorbike?”
“Yes,” Six said. “Good idea. But we’ll have to go to my house first.”
“It’s alright. Your house isn’t that far away – just east of the square.”
“Let’s go then. We haven’t got much time. ChaoSonic will be closing in on Lerke’s high rise any minute now.”
They arrived at Six’s house in a few minutes. It wasn’t really that far away, thankfully.
Six immediately unlocked the door and disarmed the lasers. They rushed upstairs. A moment later, a motorbike came crashing out of a window.
“That was cool!” Kyntak yelled as he hung on to Six, who was driving the motorbike. “I want to drive next time!”
“Of course it was cool!” Six yelled back. “Motorbikes just are. Have you heard of James Bond?”
Kyntak didn’t have time to reply, because at that moment, Six turned a squeaky left and sped along the road towards their destination.


  1. As always, looking forward to the next part.
    So hurry up and get back!

  2. I'm back! :D

    Alrighty, Alrighty. Give me two minutes...