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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Next Jack Heath Book, Hints!

Just recently, on Twitter, followjackheath tweeted:

"[Jack Heath] isn't sure what you say when a thief who pretends to have supernatural powers is hunting you. But he has a deadline to figure it out."

This suggests that the next book has someone in it being hunted by a thief who pretends to have supernatural powers.

Hints we've gathered about the new book:
1. Coming out in 2010 (Because he does one a year) and possibly August.(Because that's when the last one came out.)
2. It includes a theif who pretends to have supernatural powers.
3. It's called Hit List(at the moment) and it's centering around Ashley and Benjamin from Money Run. (We know this because it says:

William: Working on anything new at the moment?

Jack: Ashley and Benjamin’s next in-over-their-heads adventure. It’s called Hit List, but that may change.

And this was on a 'blurb it' website.)

Uh, Jack Heath, this is reminding me of Matthew Reilly's Scarecrow already. Just, whatever you do, CUT THE GUILLOTINES! (Pun Intended. :D)

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