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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Comments on Reviews


I have some comments on a review that Zoe kindly informed me of. Some very interesting comments. Click here for the review.

Alrighty, here are some quotes from both Jack Heath and the writer of this Third Transmission Review, and my comments in italics.

"...and what will come of Six’s growing closeness to gorgeous agent Ace of Diamonds?"
Thankfully, maybe something that Scout discovered.

"...and the acrimony from [Six's] sister Nai continues to haunt him."
Haunt him? Major understatement...

"...plot weaving of Third Transmission."
That was my phrase! Oh, nevermind...

"...intently feel the crushing devastation on his characters’ hearts."

"...Agent Six, already has his own fan club."
Who, me/us? :D

"Agent Six, even has his own fan club website...[This] is something that will no doubt propel Heath to write subsequent Agent Six novels."
Yes, we shall propel him. Alot. :D

"No matter how hard the lives of my readers might feel, Agent Six’s life is harder, so the comparison cheers them up.” (Jack Heath)
Life? What life? *sigh*

"I am keen to see what Jack Heath will pen next."
Not an Agent Six book, for your information. Apparently it's a sequel to Money Run.

"I, for one, am queuing for the next Six adventure.
Hurry up, Jack."
Yes, hurry up. Please.

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