"Damn it, Six! We're following that plane, even if I have to pick you up and throw you after it!"

- Kyntak

Friday, September 25, 2009

Agent Six of Hearts Fanfiction: Sixth Part

Rejoice, for the Sixth Part is here! This is becoming really fun to write. I'll take this opportunity to remind you that these are all Jack Heath's characters. Uh, well, except for Nai's clone. But she doesn't have a name. Yet...

“Jack doesn’t know?” Kyntak asked Six the next morning.
“Of course he doesn’t. Remember, this is a secret mission.”
“Right.” The brothers walked side by side down the corridor towards Jack’s office.
Jack popped his head out of the room, cheerful as ever. Kyntak smiled back naturally, but Six’s face remained blank.
“Good Morning,” Jack said. “What can I do for you today?”
“Uh, we’re off on a field mission.” Kyntak said slowly.
“It’s a stealth mission,” Six added.
“How come I wasn’t briefed on this... ‘mission’?”
“Because,” Kyntak said promptly, “It’s secret.”
Six glared at Kyntak. “Wasn’t that the point of it being secret? To not tell any -.”
“Your secret’s safe with me,” Jack interrupted. “And I know you’re a Joker.” He looked pointedly at Kyntak. “Come in.”
“I’ve got some stealth suits in this cupboard, here,” Jack said as he strode toward the big cupboard, Six and Kyntak in tow. He opened the padlocked doors with ease. They swung open, to reveal multiple black full-body suits.
“Ah,” Kyntak commented. “Convenient. Great.” He took one of the suits and went to the change rooms. Six followed suit.
A few minutes later, they came out of the change rooms, wearing their stealth suits.
They were covered head to toe in black material which Kyntak observed was lycra: “Oh no. It’s lycra. This is meant for superman,” he had said, shaking his head. The only part of them not covered was their faces. At this, Six demanded, “Why aren’t our faces covered? That’s the main place they’ll identify us from?”
Jack had responded with, “Just you wait,” and pulled a lever on the wall inside the cupboard. The ceiling inside the cupboard came down to reveal a hidden compartment.
“Cool,” Kyntak breathed, eyes wide. On the new shelf, there were a few shiny black helmets.
“Let me introduce you to our stealth helmets. These helmets have multiple uses. Firstly, they possess a feature that allows the user to cover their faces with projected shadows at any given time and reduce the visibility any security camera has. Secondly, they have a drop down screen that works as night-vision goggles and another screen that works as a flash grenade protector. Finally, they have sensors that will observe the movements in your jaw even if you aren’t speaking loudly and transmit them to the earpiece in your partner’s headset.”
Six lifted two off the shelf. They were surprisingly lightweight. He handed one to Kyntak and donned the other one. The helmet fit snugly around his ears.
Perfect.” Kyntak’s voice came through his headset, nearly making Six jump. He hadn’t heard Kyntak’s actual voice at all.
Six fiddled with the sliding switches at his forehead curiously. His finger switched one of the controls, and a black lens came down over his eyes. The flash grenade protector. This way, I won’t be blinded by a flash grenade if they throw it at me. Useful.
“But wait, there’s more.” Jack fiddled with the cupboard again and pulled another lever. This time, the side wall popped out to reveal a miniature closet. It was long and skinny. Jack opened the lock on the door quickly. He pulled out two long black belts and gave them to Six and Kyntak, who tied them around their waists.
Each belt had a holster, which was filled with an Eagle O1779 Pistol. Six drew his Eagle and looked at it strangely. There appeared to be a big plastic rim around the mouth of the gun. Cautiously, he prodded it for a few seconds. Then he realized what it was.
“A sound muffler,” he guessed.
“Good guess, Six,” Jack replied. “It is, in fact, a muffler. I attached it myself to all the stealth pistols.”
Six re-holstered the pistol. “Thanks. We’d best be leaving now.”
Kyntak was staring at the closet in awe. Six practically had to haul him across the room, out the door. When they were outside, Six knocked Kyntak’s helmet lightly with his fist. Kyntak suddenly came to his senses.
“I didn’t know we had that much cool stuff!” he exclaimed.
Six shook his head in disbelief. “You didn’t? But you’re a Joker!”
“I know,” Kyntak replied. “Jack must’ve made it himself without me knowing. That’s unbelieveable. Well, at least he’s not treacherous.”
“You wanna bet?”


  1. Wow! That was quick!

    Kyntak's in love with the closet♥♥♥

  2. Yes, quick. I had motivation. :D

    Hee hee.

  3. Also, I won't be here next week: I'm going somewhere. So, I'll try and write another one to make up for the time I'm not going to be here.