"Damn it, Six! We're following that plane, even if I have to pick you up and throw you after it!"

- Kyntak

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Agent Six of Hearts Fanfiction: Fifth Part

After a nice request for it... (I rather liked this section.)

“Kyntak?” Six knocked briskly on the door to Kyntak’s office.
Six heard a sigh from inside the office, then a quick, “Come in.”
The door disarmed itself and Six walked in. Inside, Kyntak was lounging on his chair and typing quickly on the keyboard. Six didn’t get a chance to see what Kyntak was doing, because with lightning reflexes, he closed the application.
Kyntak was wearing the same pair of jeans he wore all the time, and a shirt that said, “I’m distracting you while my friend puts a sign on your back.”
Six read the T-Shirt and self-conciously felt his back.
Kyntak flashed his killer grin, but it didn’t seem to affect Six. “How are you?”
“Great, if only I hadn’t broken my arm.”
“What have you done now?”
Six sighed. Why was everyone asking him the same questions? “Let’s just say that it wasn’t broken in a normal way.”
“Right. And how did it get fixed?”
“Ace,” Six said bluntly.
Kyntak smiled cheekily and winked at Six. “Of course.”
Six looked away. “ So... the mission I went on today was a minute failure. I couldn’t find the clone, because they totally ambushed me with soldiers. We still need to find the clone of us.”
“What? The one-armed-.”
“No, not the one-armed clone,” Six interrupted. “The other clone. Nai’s twin sister.”
Kyntak stared.“Since when did Nai have a twin sister?”
“Ever since Reutini Lerke decided two superhuman bodyguards would be better than one. Fortunately, Lerke hasn’t got access to Chelsea Tridya’s ageing formula, so she has to grow up normally and he’s not going to get an instant assassin like Nai.
“I suppose she’s not a clone of us, but she’s still part of Project Falcon. The rest of the Lab are probably searching for her, seeing as they haven’t been able to get neither me, you or Nai.
“Lerke’s made her himself from Nai’s DNA, I guess. ChaoSonic doesn’t have our DNA now and wants to get it back. You see, ChaoSonic have the ageing formula. If they get that clone, they can get her DNA, and...”
“...make an entire army of us,” Kyntak finished. “What do you want me to do?”
Six looked him straight in the eyes. “Come with me. We’re the only ones who know about this besides King. We have to go back to that facility, find the clone, and take her away from ChaoSonic.”
“It’ll be guarded with ChaoSonic troops, and most probably Nai herself.” Kyntak contemplated the situation.
“But we’ll have the element of surprise,” Six contributed.
“Uh-huh.” Kyntak nodded his head. “I’ll come.”
“Great,” Six said. “I’ll meet you here at 0600 tomorrow. We’ll have to get suited up by Jack.”
“Now, don’t you go taking authority on me, Agent Six of Hearts. I could demote you.” There was a twinkle in Kyntak’s eye.
Six ignored him. “We’ll have to go to Lerke’s most recent hiding place. From the outside, it looks like a regular high-rise, but inside, the security is very tight. No-one actually lives there besides Lerke. I suppose he’ll have Nai’s clone hidden at the top level, because it’ll take us longer to get there. But then again, I was at the top level this morning and didn’t see her.”
“We’ll figure it out tomorrow. Now, go away. I have a lunch to attend.” Kyntak’s voice was tauntingly fake.
On a whim, Six decided to imitate his fake pompous attitude. “I shall, O great one.”
Kyntak dropped his fake mask and stared at Six. “I never thought you’d actually go along with that.”
Six smiled. “Neither did I.”


  1. Yay nice long chappie!

    But whoa plot twist.

    Can't wait for more.

    And Six smiled!!!:D

  2. :D Of course he smiled. It's my fanfiction!